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CPCRetroDev 2016 Game Creation Contest

The annual Amstrad CPC game development contest called #CPCRETRODEV, held by the University of Alicante, located in Spain, has only weeks left before entries into the competition can be accepted. Now in its fourth year, the contest is open to all ages and anyone who can code and produce a game on a working Amstrad […]

5 Homebrew Titles that Push Retro Hardware

While in today’s gaming world it is nothing to see super detailed, hyper animated characters and fluid gameplay. Um, well most of those anyhow. For the rest of us, the ones that grew up on Commodore and Atari and 8-Bit graphics, we just don’t feel welcome in the gaming world of today. This is not […]

New Game: Dizzy Style Game Called Mystery Comes to ZX Spectrum

The ZX Spectrum is a platform that I have tried to cover as much as possible, especially since covering the Amstrad CPC has been mostly picked up by Ali Halabi.  The Spectrum, for those that don’t know is a United Kingdom based computer from the 80’s.  Have you noticed that these classic computers are, for […]

spuds quest steam games pc side scrolling retro

New Game: Spuds Quest, 2D Side Scrolling Action Game, Now Available on Steam

2D side scrolling titles are making quite a comeback over the last few years. Spuds Quest looks to add another quality title to that list. Now available on Steam, Spuds Quest tells the story of Spud who is tasked with recovering four ancient elemental “essences” to remove a curse that was placed on his family. […]

The Mad Wizard- A Candelabra Chronicle Announced

New Game: The Mad Wizard- A Candelabra Chronicle Announced

The Nintendo Entertainment system is continuing to prove it is quite the workhorse of gaming consoles. There are many homebrew/independent releases available and many more coming. One such title that is on the way is The Mad Wizard: A Candelabra Chronicle which pulls inspiration from titles such as Solomon’s Key and other classic NES titles.

New Game: Dizzy and the Other Side Released for Windows

This is a special Dizzy release since it was created by the man behind the endine that allows these games to be released. Alexandru Simion, creator of the DizzyAGE Engine has created Dizzy and the Other Side which shows off what the engine is capable of.

New Game: Dizzy and the Rainbow Jewels for PC

The Dizzy games are recognized as one of the most successful European game series on computers and was published by Codemasters.  The Dizzy games are mostly action/puzzle/platformers that feature a lot of logic puzzles to scratch your head at.  The first Dizzy game, The Ultimate Collection hit in June of 1987 (about 27 years ago).  […]

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