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Diablo Being Remade

Diablo, the roguelike game that really brought the genre to the modern gamer of the 90’s is getting a remake.  For those that do not know what Diabo is about, it is basically a battle against the devil.  Yep.  If that bothers you then you probably are not the target audience for this game.  Judging […]

Blizzard Answers Fans with Diablo II on PC – Today in Retro Gaming – June 29th, 2000

When Blizzard released the original Diablo it was a completely different time in gaming.  Internet was just becoming a thing that everyday people had access to.  Magazines still ruled so it was required to get early builds of the game out to publications.  Gamers had a slightly lower expectation of games on PC but that […]

Diablo II Receives Patch Improving Performance Compatibility

Blizzard are an enigma in gaming.  When other companies are abandoning their previous releases each year, Blizzard is just getting started.  Take Diablo II for example.  This is a 16 year old game- Blizzard are definitely not making money off of gamers that bought it back then.  The last official patch released for Diablo II […]

Today in Retro Gaming: Darkstone (PS1)

Point, click and slay. The PlayStation version of Darkstone was derided upon its release in 2001 as an obvious cash in, a shameless derivative, a poor man’s Diablo clone–roundly ignored by just about everyone. It wasn’t until later that people realized Darkstone was a solid action RPG experience, and it’s that mistake we’re out to […]

Rogue Style Role Playing Game Powder Ported to Sega Dreamcast

Powder is a Rogue-like role playing game for those that don’t know.  “Rogue” games are all about the randomness, the not knowing what to expect around the corner or just off in the darkness.  Powder captures that randomness quite well in the recently released Sega Dreamcast port.  Powder uses KollistiOS and not the normal Sega […]

Game Hack: Diablo 1 in HD Modification

Diablo, the original one, was released quite a while back, December 1996- nearly 18 years ago.  Back then, HD was not around, at least not in North America (I believe it was thriving quite well in Japan), but that has not stopped a dedicated game hacker from creating an HD version of Diablo.  Not only […]

Remake: Gauntlet to See Updated Release on Steam this Month

Gauntlet originally hit arcades in 1985 thanks to Atari (but not the home console one) and has seen release on many consoles, hand helds and computers over the years. Sadly, in recent years we have not been lucky enough to get a Gauntlet game though the Diablo series really hearkened back to those days of […]

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