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The Fifteen Most Difficult Genesis Games (That Are Not Battletoads)

Last year we held a combination shouting match/kumite among the staff to determine the fifteen hardest NES games, discounting Battletoads. In the end, two things happened. First, you all made it the most-read, most-shared column we’ve ever published–you rock! Second, the local hospital told us if we pulled a stunt like that again, they would ‘accidentally’ […]

Rocket Knight Adventures Konami Sega Genesis

Konami Attempts Mascot with Rocket Knight Adventures – Today in Retro Gaming – September 3rd, 1993

Konami used to be this really awesome game publisher.  They were all over the place with their releases, especially during the 16-Bit wars.  They would often release the same title on both the Super Nintendo and the Sega Genesis but they took the time to tweak said title for each platform.  Rocket Knight Adventures is […]

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