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The Supa RetroN HD SNES Clone is Revealed

With the frenzy for the upcoming SNES Classic from Nintendo themselves, Hyperkin are not wanting to miss out on this opportunity to release their own suped up SNES clone. The Supa RetroN HD promises to deliver what the SNES Classic will and more…

New Hardware: New Nintendo NES Clone called Super 8-Bit Released

Alright, the Nintendo Entertainment System is undoubtedly a great little console, Nintendo’s questionable business tactics aside.  The 8-Bit NES rocked the worlds of a lot of gamers over the last 30 years, all over the world, and continues to do so long after it died commercially.  Thanks to clone systems that continue to get slightly […]

Fan Translation: Dragon Knife, a Double Dragon Clone, Released for the Nintendo NES

To say that Double Dragon was a popular might be a slight understatement. This title nearly single handedly set off the brawler genre by setting standards that games continue to use today. With great success comes many clones and copy cats, Dragon Knife being one such game out of China that recently got an unofficial […]

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