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Bring the Fury with Brutal Paws of Fury on Super Nintendo – Toady in History – December 6th 1994

Ah, the mid 90’s when fighting games were all the rage and EVERYONE just had to have a one-on-one fighting game or they felt naked.  Gametek was one of those companies that wanted a fighting game to ride the coattails of Capcom’s continued success story known as Street Fighter II (III was not available at […]

Kickstarter: Beast’s Fury Uppercutting Kickstarter Right Now

Remember those cool creature style fighting games of yesteryear? Games like Brutal: Paws of Fury or Darkstalkers that used to rock the console world regularly. They have all but faded away into oblivion as time and lack of imagination sucked them away. Beast’s Fury by Ryan Stevens and his band of indie developers is working […]

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