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Nintendo Releases Super Mario All-Stars Compilation onto Super Nintendo – Today in Retro Gaming – August 1st, 1993

Nintendo showed everyone how to do compilation releases when they dropped Super Mario All-Stars onto the Super Nintendo in 1993.  This was the definitive collection of the main Super Mario Bros games including the first three from the NES and if you waited about a year you could have bought a version with Super Mario […]

5 Unlicensed Ports of Mario Games

This is not a rehash of the “4 Sega Genesis Super Mario Ports You Don’t Know About” article. Instead, this article is less console specific and more varied in content covered. Here I will take a look at several of the unlicensed Mario games that have been made over the years. The platforms covered here […]

4 Sega Genesis Super Mario Ports You Don’t Know About

Super Mario is a Nintendo property and the chances of Nintendo letting it onto other platforms is pretty much less than zero.  Why would Nintendo let their leading man out to work on say, Sega Genesis or PC’s?  It makes no sense for them to do so.  They are not in the same position that […]

Bandit Gaming: Super Mario 4: Space Odyssey for Sega Genesis

It is no secret that Mario and company never were able to grace the Sega Genesis platform, officially. That has not stopped fans from making unofficial adventures with Nintendo’s favorite Italian plumber available. Take Super Mario 4: Space Odyseey for example, this is a Russian pirate game and looks pretty decent.

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