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Review – Retroid Nintendo Game Boy Homebrew

Out of all of the games that we see receive fan homages regularly one genre seems to be forgotten just as often.  That is the Arkanoid style brick breaker game, also known as Breakout.  Well, the developers behind Retroid for the Nintendo Game Boy certainly remember those two classics.  Sure, the Game Boy already received […]

New Game- Matrix: Quest for Deliverance Released for MSX Gaming Computer

Matrix: Quest for Deliverance is not a port, homage or anything, related to the movie franchise of the same name.  No, this Matrix game is one from way back in October of 1994.  Matrix: Quest for Deliverance is a Breakout/Arkanoid style game, one of the earliest styles of entertainment that video games saw.

New Game: Rebound Brings Classic Breakout Style Enjoyment to the ZX81

Breakout has been a mainstay of gaming for over 30 years now, it has gone by many different names but the gameplay is the same.  A paddle rests at the bottom of the screen and a ball flies around the screen hitting squares that make up the level.  If you miss the ball with your […]

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