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Boot Hill Blaster, NES Styled Arena Shooter, Released for Linux, Windows and Macintosh

With Halloween having just passed, it I still a good time to discuss fun games that feature the tropes of the season (after all, Wal-Mart has already put out Christmas decorations).  Boot Hill Blaster is just one such title which has just been released for Windows, Macintosh and Linux.  What we have here is an […]

Alice Dreams Tournament Hits Kickstarter, Successfully Funded Already after Two Days

It is no secret that I am a big fan of the Sega Dreamcast console.  It was Sega’s final console which was sad but it is fitting, it is an awesome system.  It is almost like Sega knew they were going to fail so they intentionally left it almost, completely, open to homebrew developers.  Think […]

Alice Dreams Tournament is a New Dreamcast Game that will Blow you up

Thanks to SS_Shooter, in the comments below, I stand corrected- the Sega Dreamcast did receive an official Bomberman game.  Please disregard the opening sentence that has been stricken out. Bomberman fans will likely remember that the Sega Dreamcast never received an official version of that classic, nor a homebrew variation.  Sure, you could load up a […]

BRAWL Takes Bomberman to a Hell that Jigsaw Would Feel Right at Home in

What happens when you take a classic idea like Bomberman and add in a bit of mature content such as blood, guts and other hellish trappings?  You get BRAWL, available on PC, Linux and Mac.  Why is BRAWL unique?  I mean, I just covered a fan port of Bomberman coming to the Colecovision yesterday, why […]

Bomberman Coming to the Colecovision via Homebrew Developers

Bomberman was one of the few cross platform games of the 16-Bit generation that was also a great party game.  You could grab a few friends, depending on the platform it was played on it could be more than 8, and you knew that you were going to have one hell of a night.  Now […]

New Game: Bomberman Homage MegaBlasters- Escape from the Castle in the Clouds Released, 20 Years After First Title

Most gamers wouldn’t be able to recall Odiesoft’s mega hit game MegaBlasters released on the Amstrad CPC some 20 Years ago.  A Bomberman styled clone, it received critical acclaim from gamers and the gaming industry alike.  Amstrad Action issue 111, gave it a massive overall score of 94%.  Now 20 years on, the guys at […]

Super Smash Bros Crusade Devs Open Character Poll (Unofficial Game)

For anyone that does not know, Super Smash Bros Crusade is an independent, fan made, game based on the Super Smash Brothers line of games from Nintendo. For fans, this means more characters that Nintendo may not have in their official game (Phoenix Wright being one I see) and levels that probably won’t be in […]

New Game: Super Tank Wars Coming to PC, Steam, Desura and Linux

Remember playing Combat on the Atari 2600? How about Street Fighter II? Now imagine mixing both into one game? That is basically what Super Tank Wars is, Combat mixed with the characters and the over the topness of Street Fighter II.

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