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Wacky Wednesday: Blast Processing Takedown

Three things became clear in 1994. First, Arkansas refused to bring anything but shame and disgrace upon the rest of the country by allowing Carl, my editor, to remain in high school. Second, Sega wasn’t going anywhere–five years of stomping all over Nintendo of America’s turf clearly wasn’t enough for them, they were having too […]

Game Hack: Sonic Winter Adventures (Sonic 1 Hack)

Since there are more than a couple of Sonic the Hedgehog fan s out there, it is only fitting to bring more news about unique and interesting hacks. Sonic Winter Adventures is just that, an interesting and unique hack. New levels, bosses, secrets and more await anyone willing to take the challenge up.

Sega Genesis Classics Hitting the U.K. Nintendo eShop

Sega is one of those companies that is willing to keep their classics alive and available on newer hardware, while most gamers wish they would re-release certain classics that don’t get very much love.  Coming this week are some classic Genesis titles that are hitting the United Kingdom’s Nintendo eShop for gamers to enjoy.

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