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Review – Touchdown USA for Amstrad CPC

So you want to be an American Football manager, you want to take your team to the ultimate glory, with Touchdown USA gridiron management simulator, you can take your team all the way to the Superbowl.  Choose one of 5 difficulty levels from beginner to expert.  Select a famous American Football team from two groups […]

Kat_Trap_CPC_Amstrad_review_retro_retrogaming (2)

Review- Kat Trap: Planet of the Cat-Men for the Amstrad CPC

June, 1986.  Popular United Kingdom, Spectrum computing magazine, “Crash”, issue 29, in conjunction with software house, Domark and programming team ‘Design Design’, decided to run a nationwide video game idea competition called ‘Genesis: Birth of a game’. The winning entry would receive 1000 pounds prize money, plus a 10 % royalty of games sold, a trip […]


25 Years Ago what were the 8bit magazines reviewing

The year 1991, 8 bit magazines such as Amstrad Action, Your Sinclair and ZZAP64, lined the shelves at the local newsagents, choc-a-block full of the latest games reviews. Here is a brief look back at just some of the 8bit games being road tested and reviewed in the magazines we enjoyed reading so much, 25 […]


Mysterious, Disappearing GAZZA 2, AMSTRAD CPC Cartridge – DOES IT EXIST ??

Paul Gascoine, aka “GAZZA”.  Loved and hated footballer of the 1980s and 1990s era, proved a very marketable commodity, in particular selling football / soccer video games. Gremlin graphics saw the opportunity to cash in and license Paul Gascoine’s name to some football / soccer games, one such game that is proving to be surrounded in […]


Essential Amstrad CPC sports games

In the 1980’s It seemed whenever software companies were stuck for ideas they’d always bring out a new sports game, the concept still rings true today. Matchday was the essential football / soccer game on the CPC in the early years then there was the sequel Matchday 2 that boasted much more enhanced improvements to the […]


Review- Winchester on the Amstrad CPC

Set in the old wild west, this is a run n gun shoot to kill style game. Released as a French only game, i was unable to locate much information about the game itself. What i played of it, i found the objective is to run to an end point to get to the next […]

War Cars Construction Set (Game Screen)

Review- War Cars Construction Set for Amstrad CPC

Before the mighty Super Cars from Gremlin graphics, came War Cars Construction Set from Firebird.  Based on the simulation of slot car racing, taken from an over head perspective,  you must race off against a computer opponent to collect flags for points whcih may also allow you to perform special moves such as crashing your […]


Christmas Eve Dinner Destroys Long Running and Well Known Amstrad CPC Demo Scene Website

Sad news for the Amstrad CPC community. Long running Amstrad CPC demo scene Push N Pop is dead. Due to a very unfortunate accident during a Christmas eve dinner, a Push N Pop administrator puked his chestnut filled turkey onto the server. Despite attempts restore the server, the Push N Pop team have informed everyone via their […]

Spider-Man_Captain_America_retro_Amstrad_CPC_marvel (1)

Review: The Amazing Spiderman and Captain America in Dr Dooms Revenge for the Amstrad CPC

Captain America arrives at Doom’s castle, a robot guards the entrance, then Captain America encounters Rhino…..  Meanwhile, Spidey looks for a way in, “goodbye you animated scrap pile”. As Machette lurks, Spidey asks “what have i gotten myself into?” Dr Doom, the marvel comic worlds incredibly twisted, scientific evil genius, has stolen the ultimate weapon, a […]


Review: Vindicator on Amstrad CPC

Invaders from a distant star have turned Earth into a desolate wasteland, humanity has only just survived.  Only one man known as “The Vindicator” can fight the evil invaders and take back Earth.   The battle takes place over three parts.  The first a tortuous maze where you kill aliens for ammo and parts to build […]

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