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Bomberman Coming to the Colecovision via Homebrew Developers

Bomberman was one of the few cross platform games of the 16-Bit generation that was also a great party game.  You could grab a few friends, depending on the platform it was played on it could be more than 8, and you knew that you were going to have one hell of a night.  Now […]

New Game – UWOL Quest for Money Coming to Colecovision, Cartridge Inbound

Uwol the Quest for Money has hit most of the major retrogaming platforms from the Sega Genesis to the Super Nintendo.  Now, thanks to Atari Age member Alekmaul, Uwol is coming to the Colecovision platform.  This will mark yet another Colecovision cartridge release planned for 2015, which is quickly turning into a potentially expensive year […]

No Game: Rick Dangerous Will Not Be Coming to Super Nintendo

Recently we reported on Rick Dangerous coming to the Super Nintendo. We just found out this game will not be making it to the classic Nintendo console. Via Twitter directly from Piko Interactive has been denied licensing of the rights to Rick Dangerous. Square Enix owns the rights to Rick Dangerous and has expressed no […]

New Game: Rick Dangerous Coming to Super Nintendo

Rick Dangerous, a Core Design original property for computers in the late 80’s, is getting an unofficial port to the Super Nintendo system. Rick Dangerous is known for his difficult spelunking antics and could be thought of as the precurser to the Tomb Raider series. Having reached many other platforms including Sega Genesis and the […]

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