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New Game: Air Traffic Control Rome Comes in for a Landing on ZX Spectrum

How many Air Traffic Control (ATC) games can you name off the top of your head?  Now, narrow that down to the ZX Spectrum computer.  Not many huh?  Air Traffic Control Rome by homebrew developer,, is adding one new ATC title to the list, one that focuses on our friends in Rome, Italy too.  […]

New Game: Sky Battles Looks to Combine Shadow of the Colossus with Crimson Skies and Twisted Metal on Steam and Mobile

I remember the first time I fired up Shadow of the Colossus, I was torn between purchasing SoC or God of War, it was an amazing experience running across that first boss.  I remember wishing I could fly in Shadow of the Colossus but I was never able to do that, such a shame.  Well, […]

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