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Duck Tales 2 Two Player Hack Darkwing Duck

Duck Tales 2 Receives Two Player Hack

If you ask fans of Disney licensed games about the better releases on the Nintendo Entertainment System you will probably hear Duck Tales at least once. Probably even the second game (though the first games moon level music is quite iconic). One problem both Duck Tales games had was that one player limitation. Now fans have corrected this problem, at least for Duck Tales 2 on the Nintendo NES.

Wacky Wednesday: The “Doom”ed Trilobyte

Prior to the 1990s, people looked at the IBM PC as a joke of a gaming machine. Long diskette load times, clunky processor speeds, and a choice of CGA or EGA graphics were no match for the fast-moving sprites of the NES or arcade-quality graphics of the Sega Genesis. But 1990 saw the release of Wing Commander, a fast-paced space combat simulator that pushed the systems of its time to their limits, and suddenly gaming on the IBM PC didn’t seem like such an outlandish proposition. When Rand and Robyn Miller served up Myst in 1993, the flood gates opened as the storage capacity of the CD-ROM made almost anything seem possible. Quick to jump on this ability to store phenomenal amounts of data, including full-motion video, Trilobyte Software developed The 7th Guest, a horror-themed multimedia adventure that sold over two million units in an era where five-figures was considered successful for home computer software, and six-figure sales numbers were fantasies on par with Trilobyte’s creation itself. Waiting in the wings to steal their thunder was a little company called iD Software, working on a project called Doom.

Top 3 Games Left Off the NES Classic (Top 3 Tuesday)

He promised he’d be back, and he is! Arnold’s back in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, which is just one of the many hundreds of games I’m choosing not to write about in response to MichaelBtheGameGenie’s latest Top 3 Tuesday video: Top 3 Games Left Off the NES Classic (which you should totally open in another window and watch to completion, like, and subscribe before coming back). Total Recall, Predator, and Last Action Hero didn’t make the cut either. If you were hoping to see them on the list, sorry you’re disappointed, but I already got your click so you might as well keep reading this 8-bit video response delivered via simple ASCII format.

Strange Games from the East: Battle Stadium D.O.N

Who would win in a battle between Naruto, Luffy, and Goku? Will it be the host of the demonic Nine-Tailed Fox? Perhaps the future king of the pirates? Or maybe it shall be the world renowned martial artist Goku? You can find out in Battle Stadium D.O.N. for GameCube and PlayStation 2. Released in 2006 by Namco Bandai Games, and quickly relegated to the depths of the bargain bin, Battle Stadium D.O.N was doomed from the start. Especially after Battle Stadium D.O.N launched to average reviews from Famitsu magazine. But what was the reason it never got a release in the West? How bad could those average reviews be? Why wouldn’t a teenager want to kick Naruto’s annoying ass with Goku? Who in their right mind would pass up an opportunity to pit Super Saiyan Goku against Sharingan Kakashi in a clash of the titans? I’m honestly not sure…

Strange Games from the East: Giftpia

How horrible would it be to grow up and never be considered an adult? To miss out on your coming of age ceremony, get arrested, and finally end up in jail with a bum? Now you only have two choices: to earn enough money to buy your adulthood or forever be chased by ghost if you stay up past curfew! Giftpia is a title which explores these choices. Released by Nintendo in the early era of the GameCube, Giftpia is simply too strange to ever be ported to the United States. However, I think it’s even stranger that Nintendo wouldn’t launch it after the success of Animal Crossing: Population Growing, which succeeded despite expectations from the higher ups. Recently, a copy was obtained by Retro Gaming Magazine and we tested it out to see what exactly made Giftpia such a hassle for Nintendo to bring the game over to the U.S.

Monty Mole and the Temple of Lost Souls Released on ZX Spectrum

Back in the 1980s heyday of the ZX Spectrum, Gremlin Graphics enjoyed huge success with a series of games featuring their Monty Mole character. The series has recently been resurrected with the release of Monty’s Honey Run in January 2017, and now its follow up, Monty Mole and the Temple of Lost Souls, is here.

Fire Emblem Heroes Android

Fire Emblem Heroes Review

I will spare you, our great readers, from having to read through another introduction spouting the amazing/detrimental to the fact that Nintendo is now making mobile games. Instead, let’s discuss Fire Emblem Heroes. Fans of turn-based strategy games, like myself, are often finding ourselves scrounging the various digital stores for our chosen mobile device. They simply are not a lot of good releases in this genre. This is what I think Nintendo does better than anyone else: taking something not available, or misused to that point, and then just “Nintendo-izing” it. Fire Emblem is one of those style releases, at least for Android and iPhone, that fixes the turn-based strategy genre on those platforms.

Stranger Things Prototype for Commodore 64

The first season of Stranger Things was a standout success for Netflix in 2016. With its blend of old-school science fiction and horror set within the backdrop of the 1980s, the television show hit a cord with many viewers who grew up grew during that era. And if you’re a fan of the Commodore 64–which, coincidentally, was originally released around the same time that the television series is based–or you just like to see promising games developed for retro computers, then a Stranger Things prototype game for the 8-bit computer will be of interest.

Will Digital Downloads Make Traditional Gaming a Virtual Relic?

In 2015, The New York Times declared that the gaming industry had reached a “turning point” after downloads finally outstripped physical sales. Citing falling earning by retailers such as GameStop in the lead-up to Christmas 2015 and developers like Electronic Arts (EA) reporting 20% of its new games are now downloaded, it was easy to sympathize with the somber tone.

Forever Alone on Story of Seasons?

Story of Seasons, formerly known as Harvest Moon, is a game about farming and marriage. Many gamers will remember their first spouse as probably their favorite one, and have fond memories of the courtship process. Although not every game in the series features marriage… I’m looking at you Harvest Moon GB 1 and 2, nearly the entire franchise has marriage as one of its primary goals. But as of five generations of games ago, I’ve stopped getting married in them; am I cursed to be forever alone, or has time jaded me after my first two loves Karen and Elli? The answer just might be that Marvelous should perhaps focus more time on developing them as characters instead of simply eye candy.

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