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Ghost Blade HD

Ghost Blade HD Brings Indie Bullet Hell Dreamcast Game to PC

Ghost Blade by Hucast games is one of those indie games that we saw years after the demise of the Sega Dreamcast. What set Ghost Blade apart from the competition was the graphics, sound, and the challenge level. Everything appeared more like an official release than an indie game developed with after the fact tools. This was a testament to the quality of the development team behind the game as it is indeed an unofficial release for the Sega Dreamcast. Now Ghost Blade HD is going to update the classic bullet hell game and bring it to more modern platforms.

Retro Games Shopping in Akihaba, Japan

Electric town Akihabara; where your dreams become a reality. A place where fans can indulge in the fantasies of cosplay, maid cafes, technology, and video games. Whether it is from the Yodobashi located as you exit the train station, the main strip, or the back alleys filled with maids handing flyers, you’ll almost certainly find something which caters to your desires. For retro game hunters, Akihabara is the main spot to find  the classics, and those rare jewels which never made it overseas. But where exactly can you find them, and how expensive are these games? It depends; Japan doesn’t really have a suggested retail price (SRP) and, as such, your prices can vary from each locale.  As far as locations, though, here is a list of the places we visited during our visit to the legendary Akiba.

Intrepid Izzy, a New Game in Development for Dreamcast and PC

Senile Team are known for high profile releases such as Beats of Rage and Rush Rush Rally Racing, both of which were met with universal praise and is regarded as one of the finest Dreamcast games of its genre. Rush Rush Rally Racing was even given a physical release for the Dreamcast and was given a recent update with Rush Rush Rally Reloaded. After dropping hints on social media, developer Senile Team have finally announced that they are working on a new game for the Dreamcast and PC (Windows) called Intrepid Izzy.

Power Rangers III Russian Fan Translation

Bandit Gaming – Power Rangers III for NES Translated to Russian

You may be reading that title and thinking, when did Power Rangers III get released for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Better than that, when did Power Rangers ever see a Nintendo NES release? They didn’t because this is a pirate game – hence the title, Bandit Gaming. So, yea, this is a translation of a pirate game into Russian.

Fire Pro Wrestling Logo

Major Fire Pro Wrestling Announcement Made

What classic gaming fan has not at least tried a Fire Pro Wrestling game over the years? Sure, the early releases were not ported over to North America but the later ones certainly were (I am looking at your GBA and Sega Dreamcast). For those that missed out on this iconic series so far, imagine a wrestling game that let you create just about any character you wanted – not just play with the ones from the company. That will give you an idea of what Fire Pro Wrestling is all about.

Capcom Company Logo

Capcom Bringing Four Arcade Classics to Mobile

Retro gaming fans must be understanding. Sometimes companies get things right when porting older games to newer platforms. Sometimes they royally screw up the conversion. Sadly, this is the case with Capcom’s most recent attempts at porting a classic franchise to mobile. Recently Capcom re-released Mega Man one through six on Android and well, to say the ports are less than stellar is an understatement. Now we have heard that Capcom is planning on bringing four more classic titles to mobile. Hopefully, this time the results will be much better.

Toejam and Earl: Back in the Groove Bringing the Funk to the Nintendo Switch

Toejam and Earl brought the funk to the Sega Genesis when they crash landed their spacecraft on Earth in 1991 and now they will be jammin’ on the one for Nintendo and its new Switch console. 

Conker's High Rule Tail

Conker’s High Rule Tail Total Conversion of Zelda III Released

Okay, it is not all that often that we get to discuss total conversions for games. These things take a lot of work and time to complete, the good ones take even longer. Well, what was apparently the spiritual successor to Zelda III: Parallel Worlds (another fan hack) has become its own game: Conker’s High Rule Tail. Before you read the rest of the article, be warned this is a prequel of sorts to the Nintendo 64 game, Conker’s Bad Fur Day so expect foul language at every turn.

Feud Retrospective

One of the things about retro gaming is that you can sometimes look back at a title from your youth, and realise that actually nothing has ever quite bettered it. This is true of Mastertronic’s classic game Feud, developed by The Pickford Brothers. Released way back in 1987, it’s still a very much loved part of gaming history. I’ve seen a few attempts at remakes but nothing seems to have ever come close to the original for sheer evil enjoyment.

Top 3 Import Games (Top 3 Tuesday)

Once more into the trenches, fellow Retromaniacs! This week, the studlier, more ruggedly handsome, infinitely cooler Michael (aka MichaelBtheGameGenie) raised a new topic which requires our input. Today’s video, which you should absolutely go and watch before you get any further into this column, requests his legions to choose and explain their Top 3 Import Games. His actual question is more along the lines of, “What are the top three games you like but were never made available in your home country for some reason, forcing you to get them from other outside sources?”, but that’s the sort of title YouTube likes to truncate, so I get why he went with his version. Me being born, raised, and trained for text-based combat through the repeated application of Infocom adventures in the middle of the continental United States, my choices are limited to pretty much “everything Japan never bothered to bring over here”, which means combing my library for the cream of the non-North-American crop. I present the end results to you here in an amazing low-bandwidth version out of respect for all of those men and women who have smartphones without unlimited data plans.

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