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A Near Dawn

New Point and Click Adventure A Near Dawn Launched on Kickstarter

A Near Dawn is a brand-new point and click adventure that was created in a similar vein as Broken Sword and Monkey Island. Let’s look at what is interesting about this new game seeking crowdfunding support. First, the graphics are brand new, original, along with a fully voiced story to help keep you interested. Great start so far. Billed as a dark humorous psychological thriller, A Near Dawn is certainly shaping up to be an interesting indie game.

The Arcade Game Designer Interviews #1: Douglas Bagnall

Arcade Game Designer (or AGD), created by Jonathan Cauldwell, is a programming tool for coding games on 8-bit computers, specifically the Sinclair Spectrum and Amstrad CPC computers. It allows anyone with or without coding experience to learn how to code and create a game on these early 8-bit computing systems. I have been fortunate enough to interview some of the people coding with AGD by creating a post on the AGD Facebook page

Morphite Android Crescent Moon Games

Morphite Launches on Nintendo Switch Tomorrow

You know what rocks? Just about anything by Crescent Moon Games. This company has a proven track record of releasing some quality games and it appears that Morphite is no different. From 2-Bit Cowboy to Paper Monsters, if Crescent Moon Games made it, it probably rocks. The cool news here is that Morphite launches on the Nintendo Switch tomorrow.

Chibi Akumas: Episode 2 – Confrontation, Shooter Sequel Blasts onto Amstrad CPC

It was on the last day of 2016 — a fine year for gaming for the Amstrad CPC — when gamers got to experience the madness of the ‘bullet hell shooter’ that was Chibi Akumas: Episode 1 – Invasion, and now, just in time for Halloween 2017, the sequel has landed. And just like the first game, Chibi Akumas: Episode 2 has features that takes advantage of an Amstrad CPC computer equipped with 128k and even 256k of memory. “Insane Gothic-Comedy 8-Bit Bullet Hell” shooting is here…

Karatian Retrospective

Beyond the great hill and to the north, there was once a great man who guarded the five belts. You have to fight against your friends and the lurking evils to get these belts. Only then will you be able to leave this land where strange creatures dwell.

Top 5 Games to Play on Halloween

Halloween was never one of my favorite holidays as a kid. Sure, there was the candy and the knowledge that an entire school day would be devoted to creating G rated horror-themed art projects, but the day was always unsettling to me. Macabre themed costumes made me queasy and by the time I was old enough to appreciate the plethora of “sexy” costumes, I was too old to go trick-or-treating and too nerdy to be invited to Halloween parties. Fake blood and social awkwardness aside, playing a scary video game in between doorbell rings is always a good way to cast light on a dark All Hallows’ Eve. Without further a-boo, here are my top 5 games to play on Halloween.

Crime Fighters

Crime Fighters Arcade Review, a Fighting Game so Cheap You Cannot Stop Playing

Konami used to make some great games. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (arcade and home versions other than the original NES game). Contra, Castlevania, Gradius, and X-Men (arcade) to name a few. One title that fans seem to have forgotten Konami released (or is it a willing “slip” of memory?) is a little arcade game called Crime Fighters. Available in two versions – two player and four player – this fighting game will test your ability to not rage quit a game. If you think Contra is hard, that Castlevania on NES is cheap, or that it is impossible to beat the NES version of Dragon’s Lair without taking damage, then you are in for a ride that makes those games look like church cake walk sales.

Zelda Breath of the Wild Nintendo Switch

Zelda Breath of the Wild Switch Versus PC Comparison

If you want to play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild with the best possible graphics then you probably already know, you need to do it on a PC using an emulator (we are not advocating piracy). While Breath of the Wild looks great on the Switch, it is simply blown out of the water using CEMU on a powerful PC. Don’t believe me? Check out the comparison video for proof.

A Further Six Absurdly Difficult D&D Adventures (That Are Not ‘Tomb of Horrors’)

This week, I celebrated my birthday. That’s right, Modern Zorker has turned the great four-oh (though I prefer to think of it as “21 with 19 additional levels in the Geek Prestige Class”). To celebrate, I’ve invited one of the best friends I had growing up: Dungeons & Dragons! And because nothing says ‘Happy Birthday!’ better than tearing the shrinkwrap off a shiny new module and using it to harass, debase, and annihilate your players, this here’s part three of my long-winded look at official adventures which were penned solely to leave scars on bodies and minds–as always, I’m ignoring Tomb of Horrors because obvious meat grinder is obvious. So if you’re seeking a way to make the Thief afraid of picking even his own pockets, the Cleric renounce her vows, and the Mage use his scroll collection for latrine wipes, then I wrote this just for you. Happy Zorker’s Brithday, you deranged terror-loving gamer! Now, what say you and I go mince some PCs, hmm?

Streets of Rage 2

Six Streets of Rage Hacks That Rock the Sega Classic

Streets of Rage 2 is one of the most beloved Sega games out there. Seriously, it is almost above reproach on the level of Super Mario World, Tetris, Robowarrior, and Pac-Man. With such admiration comes fans that are more than willing to bring their own ideas to the classic through hacks (PC gamers know these as “mods” or modifications). Rather than just writing up the Rick Taylor from Splatterhouse 3 news, while cool, I decided to expand a bit and bring an article of what I consider cool Streets of Rage 2 hacks. Prevoiusly, I did a list of seven cool Streets of Rage 2 hacks already. Maybe head over, check it out and let me know what you think of it.

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