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Disney Afternoon Collection

Capcom Announces Disney Afternoon Collection

It is an age-old question (as old as since the first “next generation” console appeared). Why don’t companies keep old releases alive on newer platforms? Release collections and the like. Over the years we have seen something like this happen. On the Game Boy we saw dual retro arcade classics released on one cartridge. We have seen many “arcade” collections on various platforms too. Things get more complicated when you start wanting to see licensed classics on newer platforms. Earlier today we found out that Capcom has gone through the legal hoops to make just such a collection happen. The Disney Afternoon Collection contains six classic Capcom Nintendo Entertainment System games. That name, that is probably one of the coolest names for a collection.

Cave Story Sega Genesis

Cave Story Mega Drive Edition Nears Completion

When we hear about a new homebrew title we do our best to check it out and thoroughly investigate it before we post articles about it. That often means we are not the first at breaking something. We are fine with that. One such title is the latest Cave Story Mega Drive Edition release–currently sitting at version 0.3.3 and last updated earlier this year.

Ooze ZX Spectrum

ZX Spectrum to Receive The Ooze Homebrew

We don’t often cover homebrew releases for the ZX Spectrum computer. One reason could be that we are primarily a North American based site (we have been working on expanding with new team members across the globe). Another is that we are careful about what we cover for various reasons–often a title is just not interesting enough to warrant an article. The Ooze, is an upcoming homebrew release for the ZX Spectrum.

Super Famicom

Who Remembers the Classic Aussie Rules Game for NES?

Sports games are all the rage and highly advanced these days, but back in 1991 they were basic to say the least. With the lack of worldwide recognition of Australian Rules Football 25 years ago, it seems surprising to think that Beam Software decided to bring the national sport of Australia to the Nintendo Entertainment System. But they did, and the result was Aussie Rules Footy, which deserves to be remembered as an absolute retro classic that you can still play today.

1942 Mobile

1942 Mobile Review on Android

Capcom has painted itself into a corner with its mobile releases. Thanks to some shoddy porting work on the Mega Man series recently, most gamers are wary of Capcom games on Android and iPhone. For good reason, too; those ports are quite bad. So bad, in fact, that we didn’t even review them here on Retro Gaming Magazine. When news came up that Capcom was working to redeem itself with more ports of classics and one of those being 1942, hope was renewed. Now, did Capcom screw up or did it hit the target with 1942 Mobile?

Star Fox Adventures Retrospective

On-rails fast pace laser shooting action. The legendary Star Fox team is on the job. A mercenary group which was originally established by Fox McCloud’s deceased father, James. Using the legendary Great Fox as a base they must do everything in their power to earn a paycheck. First, they saved the Lylat galaxy from the nefarious hands of Andross in Star Fox 64, now Fox, having squandered the majority of the money earned from his first ordeal, must face his greatest challenge yet. Will he succeed, or will Fox’s journey in Star Fox Adventures be his last one?

Resident Evil 3 Retrospective: Nemesis

Anger, fear, terror, and the inevitable demise of S.T.A.R.S. lie around every corner! A brutal tyrant with the brains to operate weapons, and follow commands is waiting for you whenever you least expect it. Can Jill Valentine survive to see her last escape, or will she simply become another body for the undead? Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (RE3) dared players everywhere to help Jill survive a literal nightmare, only to eventually assist Chris Redfield in taking down the Umbrella Corporation a few years into the future. Most players will be familiar with the history of RE3, and will, no doubt, hold onto their feelings of anguish as they fled or fought the titular Nemesis around Racoon City. As well as it should be, seeing as Nemesis is probably the first enemy in the game that will chase the player past screens, and even wait for you outside the so-called “safe rooms”.

Further Trouble in Vega+

I previously reported upon the problems that Retro Computers Ltd were having regarding the ZX Spectrum Vega+ handheld. Retro Computers Ltd had problems with this for months. They initially said to backers that they would be trying to get the machine out during the Summer of 2016. However, this timeline came and went. I reported that they claimed it was an issue regarding the buttons, so it was delayed. Then the legal battle internally between directors which delayed it even further. This, I believe, is still an on-going battle which has caused many problems with the Vega+ progress.

Super Bomberman R and Microtransactions?

Bombs, explosions, and all sorts of power-ups are staples of the Bomberman series! Recently released as a launch title on the Nintendo Switch, Super Bomberman R (SBR) has been received with average to positive reviews. The game has both been criticized and praised  for the familiarity, traditionalist, and nostalgic feelings brought about by Super Bomberman R. Recently, a rumor regarding the title has spawned around the internet regarding the use of microtransactions. The rumor originally emerged from concerns brought about by multiple early speculators of the title in both forums and blogs. It’s clear from the comments in the forums that this rumor has been negatively received by the user-base, and thus the journalist here at Retro Gaming Magazine reached out to the representatives at Konami of America to assuage the concerns of those potential buyers that are still on the fence regarding Super Bomberman R.

Top 3 Comic Book Games (Top 3 Tuesday)

Welcome, readers one and all, to the newest entry in Top 3 Tuesday! Today MichaelBtheGameGenie wants to know your thoughts on your three favorite games based on comic books (and you better get over there and watch his video before you start my article). Now I don’t want to spoil anything, but I will say that none of the games I picked are on his list, or any other video responses as of this writing. With that in mind, and an understanding that I’m going to use a very liberal definition of just what constitutes a ‘comic’, let’s run down my list together, shall we? PROTIP: The text-based video response can be viewed in full-screen mode by pressing F11! Click on the game titles to see video of the game in action.

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