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Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition Released on iOS

Capcom have just released Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition for iOS platforms such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The latest edition of the long running classic one-on-one fighter promises more options and updates to previously released editions. Fans of the franchise–which kicked off big time with the release of Street Fighter II in the arcades back in 1991–will be interested to see how this latest game fares on the portable devices.

Total Recall NES

Five Gaming Licenses that Missed the Mark

Licensing is a staple of gaming. It has been since the Atari 2600 days. Licensing is going nowhere as companies realize they can halfheartedly work on a game, slap a license on it, and expect to at least make back their investment if not a tidy profit to boot. I have collected five licensed games here that completely missed the mark in some way. As a bonus, I mention what they should have gone with for each license.

Mega Maker

Mega Maker, Answer to Mario Maker, Releases This Week

Nintendo hit a good vibe with fans when they released Mario Maker. It was goodwill and fun for everyone involved. Now a fan of Mega Man has taken it upon himself to make a similar program for Mega Man. This is why I love indie developers. They push the envelope in ways that mainstream developers either don’t see or don’t care about.

Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo Removes Gaming Staple from Super Mario Odyssey on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has pushed the envelope with Mario over the years. They did this many times – such as using the character in other genres from what gamers knew him for. From racing in Mario Kart to being a physician in Dr. Mario, the iconic character has pushed boundaries in many genres, not just action adventure. The upcoming Super Mario Odyssey is going to push another boundary, one that is kind of weird.

Top Classic PC Games you can Play for Free

If you’re tired of paying for games then we have just the listicle for you. In this article we’ll be telling you all about the classic PC games that you can get playing without spending any money.

Mazinger Z: Death Match Short Film by Daniele Spadoni

Okay, I must admit, I am a huge fan of giant robot anime. From Robotech to Transformers – if it had giant robots in it, I was probably plopped down in front of the television to watch it. This was my childhood, shoot it is sometimes my Saturday mornings as an adult. I never outgrew giant robot cartoons. That is why it is weird to me that I have never heard of Mazinger Z. My friend Daniele Spadoni recently made available a short film based on Mazinger Z and he sent me a link to his film recently. If you are familiar with Daniele’s work, then you know this is going to be quality, and it is. Video embed after the jump.

Classic FMV Game “Tender Loving Care” Released on GOG

Tender Loving Care ruffled some feathers upon its original release in 1998 for two major reasons. First, the game was irritatingly difficult to classify–it looked like other FMV-heavy point-and-click adventure titles like the Gabriel Knight and Phantasmagoria series, but there weren’t any puzzles to solve; it featured multiple endings, but a randomizing element thrown into the code ensured no two games played out the same way, frustrating efforts to both achieve a specific ending or write a walkthrough. It was a little too game-like to be called an interactive movie, but with enough cut-scenes to make it difficult to classify as a ‘game’. Reviewers of the day didn’t quite know what to make of it, Trilobyte sank millions of dollars into its production which it was never able to recover, but the game has a cult following, so acquiring a physical copy will set you back $30, or more if you want a complete boxed copy.

The Best Sandbox Game of All Time (Is From The PS2-era)

Free-roaming sandbox-style games come in all shapes and sizes, and there’s no denying the biggest and best-known developer of the go-anywhere, do-anything chaos simulator is Rockstar. Whether they set you down in the middle of a modern-day city the size of New York or Los Angeles in Grand Theft Auto, a private prep school in Bully, or the 19th century American southwest in Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar’s flare for storytelling and mischief-making are legendary. But while I love cruising around Vice City looking for trouble and riding down into Mexico on the hunt for notorious outlaws as much as the next guy, Rockstar had nothing to do with the development of my favorite sandbox title. That honor belongs to Pandemic Studios who, with the backing of LucasArts, unleashed Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction on the PS2 and Xbox.

Tubocity Mixes Temple Run with Jetpack Joyride

Endless runner are a dime a dozen anymore on Google Play and the iTunes App Store. That is why it takes something unique to pique the interest of gamers today. Tubocity by Whitepot Studios may have just that something that fans of the genre have been looking for.

Nintendo’s Retro Casino Games

Did you know that Nintendo originated as a Japanese playing card company dating back to 1889?
With a rich and interesting history, it wasn’t until 1963 that they started manufacturing games in addition to playing cards. In 1980, the company created a wholly-owned subsidiary, Nintendo of America, Inc. in New York. Nintendo then started to sell the Game & Watch product line in Japan; it was the first portable LCD video game with its own microprocessor, a huge step at the time. Of course, we can’t forget the game Donkey Kong, created by Nintendo artist and video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto. Also, in 1985, an 8-bit video game console was launched, the best-selling system of its time.

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