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The Unofficial SNES/Super Famicom: a Visual Compendium Kickstarter Could Reach £500,000

A new Kickstarter campaign was launched last week. That fact alone isn’t really big news in the retrogaming scene anymore, or that it is a Nintendo book, again, or that it is from Bitmap Books, again. The news is that The unofficial SNES/Super Famicom: a visual compendium Kickstarter campaign might, if it keeps its momentum going, break through the £500,000 mark. So far, the campaign has rocketed past the rather excessive £25,000 goal with 3,343 backers, and is, as of writing, sitting at £142,872. That’s a massive amount–572% of the original goal–especially considering that there are still 24 days to go.

Top 3 Stand-Alone GB Games Based On Classic Series (Top 3 Tuesday)

Sometimes one is capable of dealing with life’s shenanigans. Other times life starts punching below the belt. This is my excuse for failure to comment on the last couple of Top 3 Tuesday videos put out by MichaelBtheGameGenie. Enough is enough: it is time to write! This week, MichaelB proposed “Top 3 Game Boy Games That Had A Standalone Entry in a Classic Series”, a topic which I massively shortened for the title of this post. What this all comes down to is my 3 favorite games on the Game Boy that aren’t ports of existing titles but stand-alone games in their own right. This disqualifies titles like Mortal Kombat II, because it’s just a scaled-down version of the arcade game, and Alleyway because that’s its own IP, but allows games like Kid Icarus: Of Mazes and Monsters and Wizards & Warriors X, which are their own installments from a pre-existing franchise. Time to dig out the ol’ brick and see what’s worth playing and fits the criteria. I have a few ideas, starting with…

Screenshot Released Shows Early Zelda Build in 3D First Person

It is no secret that the Legend of Zelda was originally intended to be a first-person dungeon romp. That is if you are a hardcore Zelda fan. The late Nintendo President, Satoru Iwata, brought this up at least once in his “Iwata Asks” series. For the rest of us, apparently, the original Legend of Zelda was intended to be a first person dungeon romp similar to Might and Magic and the Wizardry series. What is interesting is that a screen shot was recently released that shows off what the original Legend of Zelda might have looked like.

Hulk Hogan Streets of Rage 2

Hulk Hogan Unofficially Joins Streets of Rage 2 Cast

Brawlers and wrestling games have more in common than most people realize. There is a fairly limited set of moves – no brawler I know of is as deep with attacks or strategy as a one on one fighting game. You can move up and down the screen rather than be stuck to one line of fighting. That is why it seems to be a match made in heaven that someone has hacked Hulk Hogan into Streets of Rage 2.

Vega Plus

ZX Spectrum Vega+ Console Spotted in the Wild

The rarely-seen but often talked (or complained) about Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega+ was spotted in the wild at the weekend by a Retro Gaming Magazine contributor.

The controversial console, which has been subject to extended production delays and much legal wrangling since company directors fell out in a major split last year was seen – and handled – by this reporter at an unrelated event in Nottingham, England on Saturday.

Journey: Hall of Famers and Video Gamers

On April 7th, the band Journey was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Journey created hits like “Don’t Stop Believing” and “Any Way You Want it” which were perfect tunes to play in the background during long summer days of gaming. It was especially perfect if you were playing the game that actually included the band.

Unholy Night SNES Fighting

Unholy Knight Now Available to Pre-Order for the Super Nintendo

Back in December 2016, we covered the announcement of a new game being developed for the Super Nintendo called Unholy Knight, and in February 2017, we also reported on the subsequent Kickstarter campaign for the game. Unfortunately, the campaign, which ended on March 17, wasn’t as successful as we had all hoped for, raising $23,072 of its target goal of $52,500. However, thanks to the help of Retroism, the game is now available for pre-order, and a release date has been set.

Could a Mega Drive / Genesis Flashback Top the NES Classic Mini?

With the NES Classic Mini–also known as Nintendo Classic Edition, depending on where it’s sold–Nintendo seem to have struck nostalgic cords of many retrogamers. It has proved so popular that Retrogamers have been clambering over themselves to get hold of the much publicized and popular mini Nintendo 8-bit console. Could the release of a Sega Mega Drive / Genesis Flashback enjoy similar success, and which games should it come with?

Wo Xiang Niao Niao, New Game Released on NES from the Mojon Twins

The Mojon Twins have announced their latest new game release: Wo Xiang Niao Niao. Anyone following the games releases of The Mojon Twins should know what to expect in this The Nintendo Entertainment System game. Here we have their usual blend of colorful visuals and great gameplay, blended with a whacky sense of humor.

Sega’s 8-bit Tease Alludes to a New Bayonetta Release

Admit it, you fell for a couple of the April Fools’ day gaming news stories. Maybe you fell for the Geforce GTX G-Assistant plug-in player assist module for the lazy and/or inept gamer. Maybe you fell for the heartbreakingly untrue alliance between Nintendo and Sega called Dream Stream which would have allowed Switch owners to stream HD remasters of past Dreamcast titles. Not gonna lie, I fell for that one. (God I miss Sega hardware). Through all the fake news that was April Fools’ Day, one story seems to be more than meets the eye. Bayonetta is on the return.

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