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2016 – A Monster Year for New Amstrad CPC Games

What a year 2016 has been for new Amstrad CPC game releases. A poll being conducted on the Facebook group page Amstrad Classic Gaming and Demos provides an estimated figure that there has been a whopping 73 individual games created and developed for the Amstrad 8-bit computer this year. That’s finished games, game demos, unfinished games, and unreleased to the public games. To put that figure into perspective, there were approximately 45 new game releases for the CPC in 2015.

Super Mario Run for Android Available for Pre-Register

Earlier this month, we mentioned that Super Mario Run was coming to the Android platform. Now, more proof that it is, indeed, coming has been made available. For those that do not know what Super Mario Run is, it is an endless running game featuring the iconic plumber. Mario has served as the spokesman–of sorts–for Nintendo for several decades now. Coming to mobile devices such as Android and iPhone is a big step for Nintendo; they are usually quite protective of their intellectual properties. It is not often that Nintendo has let their characters appear on other platforms. Super Mario Run is the first in a long time.

E.V.O.: The Theory of Evolution

Fan Translation – E.V.O.: The Theory of Evolution Released for PC-98

In 1993, E.V.O.: Search for Eden was released for the Super Nintendo in North America. The action platform game is all about evolution and is a spiritual sequel to 46 Okunen Monogatari: The Shinka Ron, a more darker, more story-driven role-playing game from Enix. However, 46 Okunen Monogatari: The Shinka Ron (translated as 4.6 Billion Year Story: The Theory of Evolution) was only released in Japan on NEC’s PC-98 computer series in 1990. That was until now, as the game has been translated into English and released under the name of E.V.O.: The Theory of Evolution.

Chibi Akuma

Chibi Akuma(s) – New ‘Bullet Hell’ Shooter Blasts onto Amstrad CPC

This has been a fantastic year for the Amstrad CPC 8-bit computer with a long list of activity on the new games front and, just before the year ends, we get another fine addition to that list. Chibi Akuma(s): Episode 1: Invasion, which takes full advantage of an Amstrad CPC computer with 128k of memory, was coded by keith58 who describes the game as a “Spoof Gothic Horror shooter”.

Knight Rider FMV Commodore 64

Commodore 64 Full Motion Video

The Commodore 64 was quite a workhorse of a little computer. This thing played many of the classics of the 1980s and into the 1990s. Homebrew and independent developers are keeping it alive even today, with new software that pushes the limits. Sometimes, those limits are beyond anything anyone could have previously credited the little computer with. Now please keep in mind, some of these Full Motion Videos (FMV) are making use of additional hardware such as RAM Expansion Units (REU). Still, these feats are quite impressive, considering this is an 8-bit computer with a 1 megahertz CPU and very, very little RAM available. Just look at the Dallas intro for proof.

Update – New Xenocider Boss Shown

We are following Xenocider quite closely here at Retro Gaming Magazine. Part of this is because we are huge Sega Dreamcast fans, but it also helps when the developers are so as open as Retro Sumus are. Previously, we have followed various aspects of this new game and now we are looking at one of the more impressive bosses to be displayed: King Hermit–dude is wearing a Galleon of all things.

Could Nintendo Be Preparing the Super Nintendo Mini?

Earlier this month, Nintendo of Japan renewed their ownership of the Super Famicom controller (the Super Famicom was renamed the Super Nintendo outside of Japan). This is exciting news as the Nintendo NES Classic Mini is a hot ticket item right now. Could Nintendo be attempting to capture lightning in a bottle twice in a row? If anyone could do it, it would be Nintendo, but there is more to this story after the jump.

Fan Translation – The Glory of Heracles IV for Super Nintendo Released

Glory of Heracles is a role-playing game series developed by Data East that spans across four games from 1987-1994 and was released across two gaming consoles, the Famicom and Super Famicom. With the Famicom name mentioned there, you would be correct in assuming that the games were not released outside of Japan. However, thanks to the hard work of Translation Corporation, Heracles no Eikou IV: Kamigami Kara no Okurimono (translated as The Glory of Heracles IV: Gift from the Gods) has been given a full English translation for the Super Nintendo, completing the translation of the four games.

Double Dragon IV Playstation 4 and Steam

Double Dragon IV Coming to PlayStation 4 and Windows Computers

Double Dragon is one of those iconic brawlers that is symbolic with retrogaming. Go ahead, show some screen shots to some friends and see how long it takes them to tell you it is Double Dragon. The series is just ionic from start to finish. This series was also thought to be dead for years. Sure, we got Double Dragon Neon and a re-release of the first three games in Double Dragon Trilogy, but not a wholly new game in the old style. While I don’t like pixel art for the sake of pixel art, in Double Dragon IV, it works quite well and ties into the original games. Some series just don’t work with modern graphics.

Zork The Great Underground Empire

There is a Small Mailbox Here, Zork Beckons You In – Today in Retro Gaming – December 26th, 1980

Zork is an iconic title in the realm of computer gaming. No one really knows the date it was released but that is not stopping us from discussing it a bit. If you have never played Zork I: The Great Underground Empire, then you are seriously missing out. Just don’t be surprised when there are no graphics and it is only text. Some of the best, longest lasting games in history had no graphics. Zork being the biggest of the bunch.

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