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New Retro

What is New Retro?  This is what we call new games for old platforms such as the Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, etc.  These are usually fan created games that have no commercial connection and are usually 100% original titles.  These can be fan ports, commercial games that got finished years later (usually by fans working on unreleased code), etc.  We have collected these titles here for your convenience so enjoy.

Armiga (New Computer)

Atari 2600:
Castle of Doom (Action)
Flappo Bird (Action)
JumpVCS (Endless Runner)
Legends (Action) Update
Wipeout (Racing)

Atari Jaguar:
Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior (Fighting)
Elansar (Myst like)
Jagmatch (Puzzle)
Protector SE Expansion: Resurgence (Side Scrolling Shooter)

Atari Lynx:
Driving School (Hardware)
Hack, Slash, Loot (Adventure)
Lynx Ops (Arcade)

Flapee Bird (Action)
Spunky’s Super Car (Action)

Commodore 64:
Lunar Blitz RX (Arcade)
Pac-Man Arcade (Arcade)
Super Bread Box (Action) (fan port of Super Crate Box)
Zombi Terror (Adventure)

Commodore Amiga:
Enemy 2: Missing in Action (Action)
Putty Squad (Action/Platformer)
Solid Gold (Action)

CPC Amstrad:
Athenor (Adventure)

Magnavox Odyssey 2:
Death Race (Action)

Mattel Intellivision:
Flash cart (Hardware)

Batman (isometric like 1986 version) (Adventure)
Matrix: Quest for Deliverance (Arcade)
Zombi Terror (Adventure)

Neo Geo:
Knight’s Chance (Casino)

Nintendo 64:
F-Zero: Climax (Brings GBA Japan Exclusive to N64)

Nintendo Game Boy:
Flappy Bird (Arcade)

Nintendo Game Boy (and Color):
Airaki (Puzzle) Game Play Video

Nintendo Game Boy Advance:
Dangerous Xmas (Action)
Rick Dangerous (Action) Port from Amiga

Nintendo NES:
2048 (Puzzle)
D-Pad Hero
D-Pad Hero 2 (Rhythm)
Mad Wizard (Action) Preview
Nighttime Bastards (Action)
Sgt. Helmet Training Day (Action)
Sydney Hunt & The Mayan’s Revenge (Action)
Tiger Jenny (Action)

Nintendo Super NES:
Classic Kong (Cartridge) (Arcade/Action)
Jet Pilot Rising (Jetpack Joyride/Action)
Super 3D Noah’s Ark (First Person Shooter)
Super 4 in 1 Cart (Collection)

Nintendo Virtual Boy:
Flappy Cheep Cheep (Flappy Bird)
Zpace Racers (Racing)

Roll Boss Rush (2D Action)

Sega Dreamcast:
Alone in the Dark (Adventure)
Elysian Shadows (RPG)
Fast Striker (Overhead Shooter)
Hard Drive (Hardware)
Neo XYX (Overhead Scrolling Shooter)
Pier Solar HD (RPG)
ReBlobed (Action)
ReDux: Dark Matters (Sidescrolling Shooter)
Saviour (RPG)
Sydney Hunter and the Caverns of Death (2D Side Scroll Action Adventure)

Sega Genesis:
2048 (Puzzle)
Angry Birds (Puzzle)
Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior (Fighting)
BasiEgaXorz (Programming)
Cascade (Puzzle)
Duke Nukem 3D (First Person Shooter)
Fanwor (Action RPG)
Harry Potter (Arcade)
Hide the Baby, also on Sega CD (Action)
It Came From the Desert (Action)
Magic Girl (Overhead Shooter)
Plants vs Zombies (Tower Defense)
Rick Dangerous (Action/Adventure) Port from Amiga
Russian Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Action/Brawler)
Sacred Line (Digital Comic) (Preview)
Shifting Catacombs (Action RPG)
Silent Hill Visual Novel (Digital Comic)
Super Mario 4: Space Odyssey (Action)
Teenage Queen MD (Strip Poker) Port from Atari ST
Tekken 3 (Fighting)
Uwol: Quest for Money (Action)
Water Margin: The Tales of Clouds and Wind (Brawler)
Wolfenstein 3D (FPS)
Zombi Terror (Adventure)

Sinclair Z81:
Dragon’s Lair (FMV)
Zombi Terror (Adventure)

Turbo Grafx-16:
Atlantean (Side Scrolling Shooter)
Jets” (Side Scrolling Shooter)
Mysterious Song II: Eternal Silence (CD/RPG)

Bloxorz (Puzzle)
Veccy Bird (Arcade)

Zombi Terror (Adventure)

ZX Spectrum:
Alter Ego 2 (Action)
Axel K (Action)
Cadàveriön (Action)
Castlevania (Action) Update
Jonosik (Action)
Land of Mire Mare (Adventure)
Zombi Terror (Adventure)

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