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Neo Retro

As old games become popular again, we will see more and more older properties get a reboot update or some other method of bringing them to the newer platforms and a new generation of gamers.  Also, there are games that are created in a retro theme.   That is why we are collecting these titles here so that our readers can have a better grasp on what is available for what platform.

Lotus Turbo Espirit Level Editor (Tool)
Turrican II Level Viewer (Tool)

Double Dragon (Arcade/Brawler)
Double Dragon Trilogy (Arcade/Brawler)
Elansar (Myst like)
Evoland (RPG)
King of Chicago (Adventure)
R-Type II (Sidescrolling Shooter)
Z Steel Soldiers (Real Time Strategy)

Banshee’s Last Cry (SNES/Digital Comic)
Nibbler (Action)
R-Type II (Sidescrolling Shooter)

Prohibition (Amstrad CPC/Arcade)

Into the Gloom (Adventure)

Elansar (Myst like)
Into the Gloom (Adventure)

Nintendo 3DS:
Steel Empire (Side Scrolling Shooter)
Ufouria (Action)

Nintendo Wii U:
NES Remix 1 and 2 (Compilation)
Pier Solar HD (RPG)

Sony PSP:
Nibbler (Action)

Sony PS Vita:
Nibbler (Action)

Blackthorne ( (SNES/Action)
Brutal Doom V20 (First Person Shooter)
Carmageddon: Reincarnation (Death Race 2000 in gaming)
Double Dragon Neon (Steam/Action/Brawler)
Elansar (Myst like)
Gods Will Be Watching (Mature Point and Click Adventure)
Gryphon Knight Epic (Side Scrolling Shooter)
GunWorld (Action)
He-Man (Brawler using the OpenBOR Engine with original art)
Heroine’s Quest (Point and Click Adventure)
Highway Tears (Adventure)
Ikaruga (Steam/Overhead Scrolling Shooter)
Infernax (Action)
Insanity’s Blade (Sidescrolling Action)
Into the Gloom (Adventure)
Leilani’s Island (Action)
LV-426 (Adventure)
Mega Man 2.5D (Action)
Mighty Tactical Shooter (Side Scrolling Shooter/Strategy)
Momodora III (Action)
Oolite (Space Adventure)
Shadowgate (Adventure)
Spud’s Quest (Action)
Super Noah’s Ark 3D (First Person Shooter)
Super Scrapped Robot (Overhead Shooter)
Super Smash Bros Crusade (Fighting)
Super Tank Wars (Action)
Twin Tiger Shark (Overhead Shooter)
Union Tides (RPG)
Z Steel Soldiers (Real Time Strategy)

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