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General Game Hacks

General game hacks collects works that would not fit in the Hardtype or Simplified categories.  What you will see here are hacks that change the game, commonly referred to as “total conversions” in the First Person Shooter world on PC’s.  These don’t have to be complete reworks though, it can be as simple  as changing the main character or the whole game and everything in between.

Nintendo 64:
F-Zero: Climax (Brings GBA Japan Exclusive to N64)
Super Mario 64 HD Tech Demo (Blender Game Engine)

Nintendo DS:
New Super Mario Bros Origins (New Super Mario Bros)

Nintendo NES:
8 Eyes: Simon Belmont
Dr. Luigi (Dr. Mario Hack)
Final Fight 3
GB Adventures of Lolo (Adventures of Lolo 3 Hack)
God of War (Rygar Hack)
My Little Pony: Dr. Discords Conquest (Mega Man 3 Hack Total Conversion)
Normal Mario Bros (Super Mario Bros)
Ninja Gaiden (Final Boss Death Hack)
Superman (Sunman Hack Total Conversion)
WWE Wrestling (Pro Wrestling Total Conversion)

Nintendo SNES:
New Dr Mario World (Super Mario World Hack)
New Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island (New levels)
WWE Wrestling (Pro Wrestling Hack)

Sega Dreamcast:
Shenmue II (English voices version)

Sega Genesis:
Ayrton Senna’s Super Monaco GP II (Improvement)
Lego Batman

Metal Sonic Hyperdrive (Sonic 1 Hack)
Sonic Jam 6 Mario Bros (Action)
Sonic Winter Adventures (Sonic 1 Hack)
Star Fox (Tech demo)
Streets of Rage 2: Cody Edition
Super Mario Bros

Resident Evil 2 HD (Unity by fans)

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