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Go 8 Bit! Dave’s Retro Gaming Comedy Show

Go 8 Bit Daves Retro Gaming Comedy Show

Video games are fast becoming a major spectator sport these days with games like League of Legends and streaming channels like And now the UK has Dara O Briain’s Go 8 Bit! I caught the 4th episode of this comedy video game show on Dave (a Dave Original) at 10pm on Monday. Read on to […]

Review – Retroid Nintendo Game Boy Homebrew


Out of all of the games that we see receive fan homages regularly one genre seems to be forgotten just as often.  That is the Arkanoid style brick breaker game, also known as Breakout.  Well, the developers behind Retroid for the Nintendo Game Boy certainly remember those two classics.  Sure, the Game Boy already received […]

Remembering Fable, the Gaming Legend That Set the Bar for a Generation


September 14, 2004 is a day that will live on in the hearts of gamers everywhere as the day Lionhead Studio released Fable. Share This:

Space Ranger: Quest. Is it Any Good?


Disclaimer. I received a free copy of this game to review. The following views are my own and not those of SNK Games. Space Rangers: Quest is a new text adventure game from SNK Games.  The game takes place in the Space Ranger’s universe. It is unlike the other games in the series like Space […]

Double Review! Shanghai Mini And Shanghai Mahjong

One of my newest addictions has been Shanghai, which is a form of solitaire that uses Mahjong tiles. When you match 2 tiles, they get removed from the board, and the goal is to clear all of them. You can’t just remove the first matching tiles you see though, because you can put yourself in […]

Creatures such as we: a portal back to retro gaming.


Hey guys! How are you all? I hope you are doing great. For today, I bring you a review about one great text-based game for iOS and Android: Creatures such as we. Share This:

Oddballs in Gaming: Final Fantasy II


Final Fantasy II was the sequel which dared to be different. A shame that it tried a little bit too hard. But, while some of its changes proved unpopular, others remained as staple in the series. Final Fantasy II has guest party members, a large supporting cast, a villain who was larger than life, and […]

Review – Phantasy Star II for Sega Genesis


  In 1990, Sega released Phantasy Star II in North America, the second installment in the sci-fi RPG series. The story takes place 1000 years after the events of the first game. There’s been a sudden increase in bio-monsters on your home planet, and Rolf is given a mission to locate a recorder in a […]

Pokémon special: Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow


Hey guys! How are you all? I hope you are doing great. With all this Pokémon Go hype, I thought that maybe we should make a little tour. Tour that will commence in the first gen, and will end in the fourth one. But, well, let’s begin with this first article! Share This:

Bubble Bobble: Review!


Hey guys! How are you all? I hope you are all doing great. Well, for today, I bring you a review about what was, probably, the first retro game I ever played. I hope you enjoy it! Well… What to say about Bubble Bobble? First released in 1986 by Taito, it is an action platformer. […]

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