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Carl Mixon Interview – Global Game Gear Protective Cases


Recently I covered a new protective sleeve for the Atari 2600 line of cartridges.  For those that do not know, the Atari 2600 library has never shipped with any kind of protective sleeve (at least none I am aware of).  Global Game Gear has created a solution to protect the fantastic artwork that many Atari […]

Global Game Gear Asks How Are You Protecting Your Atari 2600 Collection?


It is an age old question.  How to protect your gaming library.  Sure, there were some companies that provided protective sleeves for “some” of their titles.  Nintendo did this for pretty much all of the NES games that were officially licensed.  They also did this for “some” of the Super Nintendo games they released- eventually […]

Happy Birthday, Super Mario!


Everybody’s favorite Bowser basher, Goomba grinder, Koopa killer and Mushroom masticator blew away 8-bit Japanese gamers on this day in 1985. While Nintendo’s mascot would take another month to arrive on the North American continent, Super Mario Bros. wasted no time turning the video game world on its ear. No other game has ever made […]

A Brief History of Endless Runners


The advent of Super Mario Run has brought fresh attention to the Endless Runner genre. A genre many of us non-mobile gamers had never heard of before our favorite Italian plumber decided to join the fad. So just what makes an Endless Runner, and just where did they originate? Let us journey through gaming history to see […]

Sony Asks Are You Red E with Playstation Console – Today in Retro Gaming – September 9th, 1995


Sony was kind of new to the console market when they released their original Playstation console.  I say “kind of” because the closest they came to launching a console prior was the Super Nintendo CD-ROM add-on/combo unit they were working on with Nintendo.  Kind of new to consoles because Sony did work with both Nintendo […]

The Fifteen Most Difficult Genesis Games (That Are Not Battletoads)

Gaiares box (JP)

Last year we held a combination shouting match/kumite among the staff to determine the fifteen hardest NES games, discounting Battletoads. In the end, two things happened. First, you all made it the most-read, most-shared column we’ve ever published–you rock! Second, the local hospital told us if we pulled a stunt like that again, they would ‘accidentally’ […]

Henshin Engine Hits Kickstarter Bringing PC Engine Turbo Grafx 16 Action Platformer Home


New Turbo Grafx-16, also known as PC Engine in Japan, games are not all that regular today.  Fans have become accustomed to maybe one new game for this console per year, if that.  Compared to the Sega Genesis and Atari 2600 new game output by independent developers, this is rather sad.  Someone didn’t tell Sarumaru […]

LTO Flash Cartridge Released for Mattel Intellivision


A new flash cartridge has been released for the Mattel Intellivision.  Imaginatively named the LTO Flash! this little device does what you would think. Designer, Joe Zbiciak, is quite involved in the retrogaming community- primarily the Mattel Intellivision sub-genre.  Share This:

Acclaim Closes Their Doors – Today in Retro Gaming – September 1st, 2004


Old school game publishers going out of business is never fun to write about.  With Acclaim though it is kind of bittersweet.  While they held some of the best licenses of whatever generation of console we are talking about, they would also universally phone in the quality of the underlying game.  For many, they made games […]

Appreciating X-Men’s Retro Dominance


Much has been made of Marvel’s renewed push for relevance in gaming. In the past few years the comic book entertainment giant has partnered with a few mobile developers to produce some very popular mobile games. Now, reports have promised that they’ll soon turn their attention back to the console market. Big and exciting Marvel […]

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