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Toejam & Earl Back in the Groove retro retrogaming kickstarter (1)

Kickstarter: Toejam & Earl- Back in the Groove Looking for Some Financial Love

Greg Johnson, one of the two creators/owners of the Toejam & Earl games, has put the latest adventure of the funky dudes up on Kickstarter.  The last time we saw this duo was on the Xbox, which was an updated version of the game that was intended for the Sega Dreamcast.  That version was less […]

Dragons-Lair-Laser-Disc-FMV-Full-Motion-Video 2

Bandit Gaming: Dragon’s Lair Laserdisc Ported to Commodore 64

The Commodore 64 is a computer that is close to my heart as a gamer.  I had other computers prior to it, I also had gaming consoles around but none were as cool as the C64.  From playing Alternate Reality: The Dungeon to playing Temple of Apshai and Sword of Fargaol on it, I had […]

Leilanis Island Mario Wario Donkey Kong Country retro game retrogaming Nintendo (1)

Work in Progress: Leilani’s Island Mixes Nintendo Classic Platformers to Create New Inspired Adventure

How many interesting 2D side scrolling games can you name that come from homebrew developers?  Sure, we have our darker stuff with Castlevania: Spectral Interlude or Infernax but there are not many “family friendly” safe games in this category.  It is like developers automatically fall to the dark side of the game world for some […]

Fatal Fury Final SEEP Windows Linux brawler SNK Neo Geo (3)

Bandit Gaming: Fatal Fury Final Mixes the SNK Classic with Final Fight Brawling Plus More

For many, these types of releases are not worth their time since these releases use ripped sprites and music from the source material.  For those readers I can safely say that Fatal Fury Final will probably not change your mind on the matter.  Now, for those that are looking for something a little different, Fatal […]


Kickstarter: Infernax Bringing 8-Bit Horror 2D Action Back from the Dead

Ah, the good old days of 8-Bit gaming.  For those of us that have been around long enough to remember those days, particularly the end of that era, will probably remember how gamers quickly dropped it.  Sure, what is old becomes new again, and in this day and age of super detailed graphics, orchestral audio […]


Commerical Freeware- X-Men The Ravages of Apocalypse Released to Fans

Way back in the early days of First Person Shooters (FPS), aka 3D gaming, we had a little title called Quake to keep us interested and playing on computers.  Since Quake was quite open, much like how id Software did with Doom, people were able to make mods, new characters and changes to the engine […]

Pac-Man Arcade Namco cabinet retro game retrogaming

Bandit Gaming- Pac-Man Arcade for Commodore 64 Enters Alpha Stage

Ah, Pac-Man, the arcade title that Namco almost released with the name “Puck-Man” sees another chance on the Commodore 64.  Hokuto Force decided the 1983 original release of Pac-Man was kind of lacking so they are doing something about it- making a version that is worthy of the name, Pac-Man.  Recently Pac-Man was featured in […]

Prohibition Java Remake Amstrad CPC

Preview- Prohibition Java Remake, an Amstrad CPC Classic Now Java App

Markus Hohmann, has just released a Youtube preview of his upcoming Amstrad CPC game remake of “Prohibition”.  The game originally made for arcade machines, in 1986 by Taito Corp, was called Empire City 1931 and was later ported to home computers under the name of Prohibition. Like this:Like Loading…

Castlevania Spectral Interlude Retro retro game retrogaming ZX Spectrum Konami Bandit Gaming Demake fan game (2)

Review- Castlevania Spectral Interlude for ZX Spectrum

Okay, this is a tough review to write for me.  Not because it is a bad game or anything but because Castlevania Spectral Interlude is just so damned good.  While this is a fan made title, i.e. technically illegal as Konami has not licensed this version, it feels like an official Konami release.  Aleksander Udotov […]

Zombi Terror Kabuto Factory adventure point and click Walking Dead Windows MSX Commodore Spectrum (3)

New Game- Zombi Terror Brings The Walking Dead Adventuring to Classic Computers

The Walking Dead is an interesting hit for A&E Television, a station that is kind of new to the zombie genre.  On one hand it is completely outside of their comfort zone for content and on the other it fits right in with the current motif of action shows.  The team at Kabuto Factory are […]

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