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Fallout 4 is for the Bargain Bin

I used to scrounge around the bargain bin because cheap is good. The only time you bought new is when a major title was released like Super Mario Bros 2 or Final Fantasy 7. Now I can’t bring myself to buy Fallout 4 new despite the hype and anticipation. This is going to be a […]

Bubba_Buck_Blasitin_AtariAge_ActionMax_DVD_VHS (2)

ActionMax Sees New Release 28 Years After System Went Defunct

The ActionMax was not exactly a hot seller in the late 80’s when it was released.  For one, it relied too much on the gamer to own other hardware, such as an expensive VCR.  Also, games were not exactly games, rather they were pre-recorded footage on VHS tapes- think early Sega CD Full Motion Video […]


We’re All Doing Classic Gaming Wrong

As I’m winding up to start my own indie game development studio I’ve come to realize just how warped the “retro” genre is.  Many “me too” mobile developers seem to think oversimplification equals retro.  Many retro gamers never get beyond the brands and games of their youth.

NFL Players Games

Wacky Wednesday – Jerome Bettis is Confused

It really should not be too much to ask that the people who produce the ads for video games have at least a moderate understanding of the product for which they are producing advertising, right? And yet we see this kind of thing repeatedly across pop culture, as the people who are tasked with inserting […]

Legend_Steam_Piko_Interactive_retro_retrogaming (2)

Classic Super Nintendo Brawler, Legend, Sees Release on Steam by Piko Interactive

Okay, this is getting to be too cool.  Piko Interactive have licensed yet another Super Nintendo classic, Legend, and released it on modern digital distribution services, Steam.  Piko Interactive have been prolific in turning the image of retro gaming around- rather than releasing illegal reproductions, they have licensed the rights to classic games.  These releases […]

Legend of Coffin Rock box

Revenge of the License: Blair Witch Vol. 2: The Legend of Coffin Rock

Welcome back, my vengeance-seeking boys and ghouls. Halloween may be over, but the air is still chilled. The leaves still crunch underfoot. We’ve still got games to write about. Over the next three weeks, we’ll be looking at a trilogy of video games which take place in the cinematic universe revealed in The Blair Witch […]

This is a fairly clean mission, by X-Com standards. Note the collapsed wall in the north-eastern corner.

One Last Try: How X-Com Translates Frustration to Fun

So XCOM 2 was announced not too long ago. Firaxis’ reimagining of the classic squad-based extraterrestrial strategy wargame was already a critical and financial smash hit, even if fans were split down the middle with many of its changes, both aesthetic and mechanical. However, while I always had an interest in XCOM: Enemy Unknown—I happen […]

Alex_Kidd_Texas_Instruments_994A_Sega_Master_System_Atari_Age_Homebrewjpg (1)

Alex Kidd Unofficial Port for Texas Instruments TI-99/4A Computer Updated

A new version of Alex Kidd for the Texas Instruments TI-99/4A computer has been posted.  You may be thinking, wait a minute, Sega never released Alex Kidd on the Texas Instruments TI-99/4A.  You are right.  They didn’t.  This port is an unofficial one by a really dedicated fan that wanted to play the game on […]


Jim Power – The Lost Dimension Released onto Steam, Brings Three Versions in One Package

Piko Interactive are no stranger to licensing thought to be dead retro gaming franchises and bringing them to the modern gamer.  One of their latest releases is Jim Power – The Lost Dimension on Valve’s Steam digital distribution service.  For those that are keeping track, Jim Power – The Lost Dimension was released on many […]

Robocop_ZX_Spectrum_retro_retrogaming (2)

Robocop for Amstrad CPC Review

The biggest world wide movie release of 1987, Robocop took the film industry by storm.  Hollywood had made another mega money profit box office cash cow, it was a mix of action, intense drama and a look into the future of technology and its many challenges that society may face because of it.

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