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Gladiator: Sword of Vengeance Strikes Back!

Feel the wrath of Rome as you viciously slay your enemies in Gladiator: Sword of Vengeance. You are the undefeated Invictus Thrax, the champion of the former emperor of Rome, but what is it that you’re avenging? For starters, you’re taking revenge for the sudden and mysterious death of the lord that would have set […]

Destroy Your Friendships with Dokapon Kingdom

Death, betrayal, backstabbing, and the destruction of every relationship you’ve ever held dear, that is Dokapon Kingdom. It is the bastard child of Monopoly and Dragon Quest developed by Sting Entertainment. A mixture of an RPG and a board game, in Dokapon Kingdom your goal is simple: become ludicrously rich while sacrificing all of your […]


SpiritSphere Review

On paper, SpiritSphere sounds like a great concept and all around wonderful idea. As stated by its own creator, it is a mixture of The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past graphics and air hockey. Both of these games are of great fun separately and in an ideal world, they would be even […]

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Retrospective

In 2004, Square Enix released Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. It was the first Final Fantasy game to be released on a Nintendo console after the fallout between Square and Nintendo. However, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles turned out to be very different to what fans were expecting. The Final Fantasy brand is associated with story heavy […]

Oddballs in Gaming: Final Fantasy II

Final Fantasy II was the sequel which dared to be different. A shame that it tried a little bit too hard. But, while some of its changes proved unpopular, others remained as staple in the series. Final Fantasy II has guest party members, a large supporting cast, a villain who was larger than life, and […]

Oddballs in Gaming: Postal III

Hailed as a piece of crap by gamers all over the world and banished to the depths of Hades Postal III stands as a test of what shouldn’t be done to a beloved franchise. The sequel to the originally controversial Postal 2 it does no justice to the franchise. While Postal III attempts to be […]

27 Years Ago Altered Beast Rose From the Grave!

Sega released Altered Beast on the arcades 28 years ago. A year later Sega developed a “perfect” port for the Genesis system and released it on August 14 1989. The port of Altered Beast was touted to be an identical recreation of the arcade version. But, this simply wasn’t true, and while Sega did manage […]

Oddballs in Gaming: Mario Kart Double Dash!!

There is no doubt in the world that the Mario Kart Franchise is extremely popular. The Mario Kart series was born during the Super Nintendo era and was a pioneer in the usage of the FX chip. When Nintendo developed this game they automatically knew they had a winner in their hands. Nintendo has since […]

Oddballs in Gaming: Rune Factory Frontier

Harvest Moon was for the longest time, the only farming simulator in the market. For the most part Harvest Moon was primarily grounded on reality with a few fantastical elements. Elements such as the Harvest Goddess, the harvest sprites, and even a kappa were amongst the few fantasy creatures in Harvest Moon. But, one day […]

Oddballs in Gaming: Super Mario Land

Mario has been no stranger to the world of portable gaming. His first venture into the Gameboy was titled Super Mario Land. It was directed by Gunpei Yokoi who was also the creator of the aforementioned system. He developed this game without input of Shigeru Miyamoto and as such the game was contained in its […]

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