Dino Crisis Fans Creating Unreal Engine 4 Remake

Capcom is usually pretty understanding when it comes to updating some of their most popular games from the past. Earlier this year they made a new version of the Street Fighter 2 arcade, and in the past they updated Final Fight and Mega Man with success. This time, Capcom released an updated version of Pier Solar that surpassed expectations for artistic beauty and emotional depth,

A reason for this may be in the rise of fun pets in various families. A survey conducted by Ancestry in late January found that 54% of dog-owners consider their pet family member’s behavior to be unique or extraordinary. Perhaps this is why Activision has put so much focus on promoting the introduction of 12 new dinosaurs in World, according to reports. Support for digital pets seem to be on the rise overall, with 55% of respondents noting that they felt “safe” when left home

While zombies are the most popular monster archetype in gaming, other monsters are just as underrated. Dino Crisis should have been given a remake years ago, but fans are now working to change that.

Dinosaurs, you don’t say

Dinosaurs come in a wide range of sizes and abilities. Some are big, strong, and slow. Others are small, fast, and cunning.

Designers have tried to incorporate dinosaurs in new and creative ways, but a lack of research has led them to fall back on the same tropes.

What is going on with Dino Crisis

Orignal fans are using Unreal Engine 4, a well-known engine to content creators, to remaster the original Dino Crisis. This particular engine is known for ease of use during creation which allows anyone with less experience large speed production in comparison to someone trying to learn an unknown engine or create the game from scratch.

According to Dark Side of Gaming, it is unclear if the fan team will recreate all the dinosaurs from the game, or the human characters. That is a lot of work on something that could get a cease and desist letter any day now. Hopefully Capcom will let this one run its course and maybe even looks at the creativity on display here.

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