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Canceled Nintendo 64 40 Winks Game to be Released

40 Winks Nintendo 64

The first independent release for the Nintendo 64 since Nintendo shut down the factories is about to be released. You read that right, Piko Interactive are running a Kickstarter for the world’s first independently released Nintendo 64 title, 40 Winks. This is important for a few reasons, not only because it is the first independent N64 release but also because it is the completed version of a canceled game. GT Interactive canceled the N64 port when they started having financial problems, though the PSOne version was released. This is about to be remedied by Piko Interactive.

First, before we get too far into this, I want to mention that I am a freelance writer for RETRO Magazine, which is owned by Eli Galindo who also owns Piko Interactive. I am not involved in game development done by Piko Interactive nor am I involved in any business decisions thereof. I simply write and get paid for it. Plain and simple. I wanted to get that out of the way, up front, to avoid any confusion.

As a gamer, I am always interested in seeing new games released for old consoles. This is a monumental challenge for Piko Interactive, as it would be for any company, because this is the first Nintendo 64 game by them – or anyone as they are blazing a path for others to follow. That is why they are going with Kickstarter, to judge the interest from fans for new N64 games.

Judging by the success of the Kickstarter so far, it was funded in less than 24 hours, it is safe to say that there are fans that want more N64 games ASAP. As of this writing the first stretch goal has been unlocked – 40 Winks Nintendo 64 controllers at $60,000 (currently at $60,259).

This is awesome as we are going to get a new game for the first time on the Nintendo 64. Add in that it is a good 3D action platform title that is regarded by fans of the PSOne version as quite good.

Judging by Piko Interactive’s past crowdfunded projects fans won’t have to wait three  plus years to see what they backed. Past Piko projects that fans have backed have been released in timely fashion.

Congratulations to Piko Interactive on this success story. Thank you for bringing new games out and not just announcing them yet never completing them.

Want in on helping bringing 40 Winks to life? Head over to Kickstarter and let’s see what those other stretch goals are!

Don’t have a Nintendo 64 handy to play 40 Winks on? No problem. Check eBay for a console, and maybe some other games while you wait for 40 Winks to launch.

Carl Williams

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