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Billy Mitchell, King of Kong Co-Star, May Have Mislead Donkey Kong Scores

King of Kong Billy Mitchell King of Kong image credit

It seems that Billy Mitchell is the pivot point for controversy of some kind within the gaming world. His chosen game is Donkey Kong of course, as detailed in the “King of Kong” movie where Mitchell’s scores went head to head with those of Steve Weibe (neither hold the number one spot any longer). Now it seems some of the scores that Mr. Mitchell has submitted to the Donkey Kong Forum website are suspect at best.

One of the high-score judges of the Donkey Kong Forum have had to make the unpopular decision to remove some of Mr. Mitchell’s scores from the high-score board.

I must give some kudos to xelnia of the Donkey Kong Forum for the detail in which they went into their dissection of Mr. Mitchell’s submitted footage that proved his scores were legit.

Donkey Kong arcade

Basically, Mr. Mitchell used a MAME build to perform the high-scores he submitted. This was verified by xelnia by comparing how the actual Donkey Kong arcade machine draws the level versus how MAME does it – I was not aware that the process is completely different. It is, and it is quite telling in how different it is. We are not talking about two shades of the same color here where perception is a big part. No, the way the two platforms draw the screen is shockingly different. I find it also quite telling that someone as “into” Donkey Kong as Mr. Mitchell would not have known this tidbit of information.

Donkey Kong as presented by Mr. Mitchell

Xelnia goes on to detail that Mr. Mitchell has NO public attempts where the 1 million points barrier is broken, yet, he is perfectly able to do so in private, purportedly on the same hardware.

Some good stuff in the long post on Donkey Kong Forum. Anyone that wants to follow the controversy of retrogaming should check it out. Sometimes I think there is more controversy in retrogaming than there is on a prime-time week night of Escape Network television.

Source: Donkey Kong Forum and Venturebeat.

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