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Dodge Bullets in New Sega Genesis Game

Ixion Sega Genesis

The Sega Genesis was arguably Sega’s best console. There, I said it. Sure, the Dreamcast was great, but Sega really shot themselves in the foot by letting it die so quickly. Had they fought for the Dreamcast like they fought for the Genesis I think things could have been different. Even though the Sega Genesis is long gone as far as commercial activity goes, fans have not let go so easily. Take Ixion for example. Right now, it is just a bullet hell dodging game – there are no enemies, but it is progressing.

The main element of bullet hell shooters is dodging the many bullets that litter the screen. Ixion focuses entirely on that point right now. There are no enemies to worry about, just bullets and more bullets appearing on screen and your job is to avoid them. One touch and you are dead.

This may sound boring but give it a try. Check out the video above. The challenge is there. This is a unique idea on a, in my opinion, tired genre. Personally, I hope they don’t bother putting enemies in. Instead, work on backgrounds, work on varying things up a bit more and keep the game progressing off what you have already.

Head over to Nendo16 to grab your copy of Ixion. Just keep in mind it is not complete and is a work in progress.

What I want to know is, what is your hi-score in Ixion?

Carl Williams

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