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Sonic 3D Blast Director’s Cut Released by Original Creator

Sonic 3D Blast Director's Cut

Sega was nothing if not prolific with Sonic based games on their Genesis console. While that certainly changed on Saturn and Dreamcast, we still have the 16-bit platform that pushed Sonic into new genres like how Nintendo worked Mario in the 8-bit days. Sonic 3D Blast Director’s Cut is just that, literally the Director’s Cut because the Jon Burton did these edits himself, he should know the game in and out.

Here is what you can expect in this hack of Sonic 3D Blast Director’s Cut:

  • Overworld Map Screen
  • Time Challenge Mode
  • New Enemy
  • Improved Controls
  • Super Sonic
  • Level Editor
  • Save Game Password System
  • Many other gameplay changes
  • Bug Fixes

For those that don’t know, Sonic 3D Blast was Sonic’s first foray into the overhead action genre. While Sonic in general was all about speed, his 3D overhead game was more about thinking and working the scenery to your advantage. Considering this is an early 3D overhead game, the usual problems such as jumping, are abundant and even more annoying today looking back.

What is cool about this hack is that it was created by the original developer. Head over to his website and check out the hack and some other cool details about programming on the Sega Genesis and how they achieved some of those special effects.

Carl Williams

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