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Fan Creates Monster World, AKA Wonder Boy, Role Playing Game

Monster World RPG

The number of times I can count that an action game was remade into a role-playing game is low. Nintendo did it with Super Mario RPG and SNK did it with Samurai Shodown RPG. Other than those two examples I am out of references. While Monster World RPG is not an official release, it is still an interesting take on the source material.

Set in the Aqua Kingdom, Max who lives in the Valley of Peace, near the capital – Purapril. Max’s best friend Shion has left for Purapril to perform his knightly duties, leaving Max to a boring life. While hunting Max came across a new creature that he had never seen before. Rather than making this new creature dinner, Max decides to keep it as a pet. With his new pet in tow, Max decides it is time to pursue a life of adventure, first by visiting Purapril and his friend Shion. Unfortunately, Max is turned away at the gates and must now figure out what is going on in the capital.

Monster World RPG was created using RPGMaker 2003 so that may be why it appears familiar to many people reading this article. Sure, it would be cool if they went with their own engine or something more versatile, like a newer version of RPGMaker but that takes time and resources. I am of the mindset that how you do it is not as important as actually doing it so them completing the game, releasing it, and us enjoying it is good news in my mind.

Battles are the core of the game so let’s discuss how they work. Similar to 8-Bit Final Fantasy games, your character is on one side of the screen while the enemy occupies the other side. These battles are turn based and you can use the menu system to choose your actions.

The artwork is pretty good, especially for a fan game. Monster World RPG is freely available on their website. Grab a copy and enjoy.

Carl Williams

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