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What if Super Mario Bros was Made in 2016?

This is a what if video that asks the question, what if Super Mario Bros was created in 2016? First, this video is hilarious. Watch it all the way through for an idea of what, sadly, hits close to home.

This video is exactly what I think of when I hear people complain about the difficulty of Cuphead. I envision those that complain about it are ones that dearly wanted for a tutorial such as the one shown in this video for Super Mario Bros. It is funny because it is so sad. Sad that gaming has come to this.

Carl Williams

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One Response to “What if Super Mario Bros was Made in 2016?”

  1. vognargtal says:

    They let your character die?? What sick twisted heartless people!

    Why is Mario only a white male? These people are clearly racist and sexist! Mario is not even portrayed as gay or transgendered, clearly Nintendo is homophobic.

    Why is the weather always nice don’t they know about global warming or are they climate change deniers?

    This game is based around killing an entire race of intelligent alligators. Clearly promoting the foul act of hunting and eating meat.

    No child should be exposed to this far right wing promoting death simulator. We should protest outside of Nintendo’s headquarters until they change this game to fit our ideology or take it off store shelves!

    I can’t handle this, I need to go to my safe place and color with my crayons. Now where is my participation trophy?

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