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Inferno Launches Digitally on MSX2 Gaming Computer

Inferno by Aetherbyte MSX2

Fans of 2D action adventure games probably know the name Inferno by now. If not, let me tell you a bit about it. This is one of the latest games by Aetherbyte – the company behind games such as Pyramid Plunder and Insanity both for the Turbo Grafx-16 CD-ROM and Atlantean on Hucard for the Turbo Grafx-16. Inferno is on another retro platform though, one that never really made an impact in North America, so it is possibly an all new platform for anyone reading this. Inferno is available now, digitally, for the MSX2 gaming computer. Physical copies will be available later, but it is even cooler how Aetherbyte are handling digital purchases.

Inferno tells the story of amnesia and waking up with just all hell breaking loose around you. Not the ideal place to be. There are bloodthirsty creatures all around you and well, you look like dinner to them.

The action in Inferno is all handled with a great 2D side scrolling engine – if you have played other Aetherbyte releases then you know they can make a great 2D side scrolling game. The artwork in Inferno screams 2D Doom to me, or if you took the person out of that Abadox game and he was fighting inside some of those baddies you faced there. Basically, the artwork in Inferno is great – shading used to create detail for instance.

Inferno by Aetherbyte

Okay, what is cool about the way Aetherbyte are handling digital purchases? Well, if you buy the ROM file on their website, you can later go buy the physical copy and they will compensate you the full value of the ROM purchase by deducting it off the physical copy. How cool is that? Why can’t we get the “big names” in gaming to do something like this? Oh well, Aetherbyte are doing it and that is cool of them, they certainly don’t have to.

Inferno by Aetherbyte
Platform: MSX2
Genre: Action, adventure
Available now on Aetherbyte’s website.

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