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Retro Wars Reimagines Star Wars as Point and Click Adventure

Retro Wars

Star Wars fans are a passionate bunch. Nothing wrong with that. Star Wars is a phenomenon in many ways. From toys, games, comics, movies, etc. Speaking of games, there are some fans of this franchise that are not happy that there are genres that Star Wars skipped – namely point and click adventures. Going a bit farther, the fans behind Retro Wars Episode IV ¼ have also made their game exclusive for the Commodore Amiga computer.

The story is loosely based on Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, players control Luk (yes, they left off the “e”) who is tasked with escaping the desert planet and the bad influence that the Dark Side is pushing about retro gaming.

Retro Wars



Star, er sorry, Retro Wars: Episode IV ¼ is available in Spanish and English in two variations. The Force Side box and the Dark Side box. The differences are only noticeable in the box and the disk label. No real discernable differences between the two versions so just pick the one you like better on your shelf.

Retro Wars

Remember, this is for Commodore Amiga only, so it won’t run on your PC. Well, unless you load up an emulator that is. If you decide to go with the emulation route to play Retro Wars, then you will need a USB Floppy Drive as this game is not available digitally.

Retro Wars

If you are unsure about the quality of Retro Wars, or are not sure it is going to run on your Amiga/emulator then you are in luck. There is a public demo available at the link below. I wish more indie developers would offer demos to their games as it is a wonderful way for fans to test before buying.

Grab Retro Wars IV ¼ on the Amiga Store and support indie developers.

Carl Williams

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  1. Valerio says:

    Hi Carl,
    fantastic game! Only one info, the digital version is available, and is free for all on the official website:

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