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NASA Commodore Amiga 2500 For Sale, Own a Piece of History

Want to own a computer that literally helped take man into space? NASA has a Commodore Amiga 2500 from the NASA Telemetry Labs available on eBay right now. This is literally a piece of history that is probably technically incalculable in value – though NASA did take a stab at pricing it.

What is interesting is, this Commodore Amiga was just decommissioned so to speak, last inventoried by NASA in 2005. While that may seem like a long time ago, according to the eBay listing there are files on the hard drive dating back as far as 1988. We are talking about real history here and this would be a great score for a historian willing to share with the rest of the world.

From the eBay listing, preserved for prosperity:

This is something you don’t come across every day. This is a workhorse Amiga 2500 that came from NASA’s telemetry labs. It still has the NASA Asset tags and a 2005 Inventory sticker.

 Everyone knows Amigas were great computers, as did NASA. They used them, amongst other things, to collect telemetry data from various space assets. There are 2 specialized cards that are installed in the machine to read & write all the telemetry data. One is called an Amiga 2000 Serial Interface, and the other is an Amiga 2000 Remote DMA Output Controller. They both have a set of what look like 50pin SCSI cables that I am assuming were connected to external drive arrays or other equipment to read/write massive amounts of data.

 The computer has many battle scars so-to-speak. Lots of scratches and nicks all around the case. There is some faceplate discoloration and the floppy eject button is missing.

 The computer has a GVP 68030 Accelerator card which is running @ 40Mhz from what I can see on the CPU card. I believe it has 16MB of RAM installed and everything appears to be working. I booted it up and went through the directories and found alot of interesting programs & data files referencing several NASA projects: AC.135, 141, 164, AURA, GP8, MS10, MS11, MS7, MS9, P91, TITAN, PEGASUS, TAURUS, and lots more. Each project has C source files which were the programs they used to interface with these various space assets.

 There are project files that date back as far as January, 1988.

 Some of the programs on the computer were coming up as: Registered to: Dave Brown.

 I believe (but cannot confirm) that the computer was used by one of NASA’s Astronaut heros who died tragically on Space shuttle Columbia in 2003 when it disintegrated on reentry. I believe this is the Dave Brown the computer is referencing.

 The story behind NASA and Amigas in the Telemetry Lab can be found on Youtube under the title “Even NASA used Amiga’s!”

 If you are in the mood to own a piece of history then grab this NASA Commodore Amiga on eBay.

Carl Williams

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