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Wolfenstein 3D for Commodore 64 Updated

Wolfenstein 3D Commodore 64

Wolfenstein 3D released in 1992 to an unsuspecting PC gaming populace which quickly lapped it up, launching id Software into the stratosphere with gamers. Three years later id Software would release the source code for Wolfenstein 3D which opened gamers using it to do new things. They released the source code to the follow-up title, Doom, eventually which fans ported to platforms that id Software would probably never have thought, including the Nintendo NES, E-Ink screen devices, even a giant billboard. Now we have more news on another port by fans, this time Wolfenstein 3D on the Commodore 64 computer. For some reason, Wolfenstein 3D never enjoyed that level of porting interest from fans.

You will need some additional hardware to enjoy Wolfenstein 3D on your C64. Namely, a SuperCPU v2 and 16MB of RAM.

For those that have the necessary hardware you are going to be able to kill Nazi’s in low resolution, limited colors, and lower quality sound effects than what you are used to. Oh, the joy of being a retro gamer! Seriously, this is the reason a lot of us enjoy old games – playing games on platforms they were never intended for.

The scrolling is smooth in the release videos, there is a screen size adjustment available to help eek out more performance (like Doom on 3DO). For the most part, this is Wolfenstein 3D on the Commodore 64. Granted, it is not a stock C64 it is still going through the main hardware for a lot of stuff here and that is a major programming feat.

The updates include a lot of reprogrammed code that gives more performance than the last release. This port is not optimized for emulators so your mileage may vary.

If you have the necessary silicon attached to your Commodore 64 then go ahead and grab that zip file after the jump below and enjoy. If you are not fortunate enough to have a V8 installed in a AMC Pacer then maybe enjoy Wolfenstein 3D on a Commodore 64 emulator like VICE.


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