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New Commodore Amiga Endless Runner Miky’s Land Continues Development

Mikey's Land Commodore Amiga

The Commodore Amiga is still a viable platform for many gamers and developers alike. For proof just look around, there are plenty of games coming out, in development, or have been released since this computer was no longer commercially viable. Take Miky’s Land for example, an endless runner with a mix of platforming and shooting action. Michael Gibs’, Miky’s Land brings a tinge of modern gaming to a retro platform. At least it is not another Flappy Bird game.

Graphically Miky’s Land is not going to blow away modern games but it is not trying to. What gamers can expect out of Miky’s Land is shaping up to be a quality endless runner with shooting and jumping mixed in. There are plenty of bad guys to take out, obstacles to avoid, and items to collect in your journey.

There are bosses at the end of levels, which goes against the number one rule of endless runners, which break up the monotony and bring a real retro feel to the proceedings. Nice touch. These bosses are also graphically impressive, especially against the enemies that you face on your quest to reach them. Mainly because the enemies in the levels are smaller and easier to dispatch which makes it quite clear when you are facing a boss character – besides the screen stops scrolling.

At least the developer did not go with a super zoomed in screen like what happened with Dragon’s Lair on the Nintendo Entertainment System which left absolutely no time to really prepare for upcoming enemies and situations. Miky’s Land features a zoomed-out camera that gives you plenty of time to prepare for the situation you are about to face – rolling barrels, birds, fish, ground enemies, items to collect, or a combination of any and all of those things.

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