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Spyro the Dragon Remade in Unreal Engine 4, Download Now Available

Spyro the Dragon Unreal Engine 4

Ah, Spyro the Dragon was one of those games that got me interested in the PlayStation console. This whole 3D action adventure thing was still fairly new to me and I was liking it for the most part. Spyro was like playing a cartoon with lavish colored worlds to run around and enemies to dispatch while collecting various items and helping the good characters. Apparently I am not the only fan of Spyro though as a group of fans have recreated this classic using Unreal Engine 4. The download for Spyro the Dragon: Artisans Revisited is now available.

The version of Spyro the Dragon: Artisans Revisited is more than a tech demo. It is a holiday themed version of what Valefor, the fan behind this remake, has been working on. Apparently, he has no plans to release the full game, or even hinted at completing any of the games in Unreal Engine 4 so this may be all we get in this regard.

That is just as well though as I am sure Activision has lawyers chomping at the bit to put this one down before it gets too popular. That means get out there, download the game and keep it safe. We all know how lawyers hate fans enjoying unofficial games made by fans such as that Metroid fan game that Nintendo had shut down.

It is their legal right to shut these projects down. It is a shame that most would rather shut down a fan project than work with that fan, or team of fans, to create something truly freaking awesome. I mean, just look at this tech demo and tell me that is not awesome. Valefor has captured the essence of Spyro in grand fashion, it is a shame that it being gone is just a few clicks away from a lawyer’s computer.


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