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Want More Storage on SNES Classic Mini? Now You Can

SNES Classic Mini box

We all knew it was coming at some point. The mods for the SNES Classic Mini. They have come fast and hard so to speak. Well, not hard, the methods of implementing them are straightforward, almost like Nintendo didn’t even bother locking out fans (a stark difference to their corporate policies since, well, they started making games). If you wanted to add more storage so that you could do more with the SNES Classic Mini then you are in luck, your day is here.

First, there are a BUNCH of mods over at, though I am going to focus on the external storage mod they just released. It is kind of important if you want to play PSOne, N64, MAME, etc on your SNES Classic Mini because storage will quickly run out.

You will need a piece of hardware to make the external USB hard drive mod work on the SNES Classic Mini.

USB OTG Adapter (compact)

The process is well laid out over on so I will leave it to readers interested in the nitty gritty to head over there and follow the text and pictures while we discuss the “fun” that this mod represents for the adventurous gamer.

By expanding the storage available for the SNES Classic Mini you are effectively giving it an extended life that Nintendo didn’t market (for several reasons, I am sure). The NES Classic Mini and the SNES Classic Mini are both quite powerful little devices and already shown to play many other games than packaged in the box. One we covered was the 32X mod for the NES Classic Mini.

This storage mod would be interesting if it would work on the NES Classic Mini as well because I am not aware of many hardware changes between the two releases (other than case and controllers). Anyone try it out yet or is everyone too busy playing that homebrew NES and SNES games on their SNES Classic Mini?



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