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Cuphead Celebrates Sales Milestone

Cuphead, that 2D side scrolling action game that so many gaming journalists cried about because it was so tough, has just celebrated a major milestone for an independently released title. Not many indie games reach this sales milestone and to know that Cuphead did just makes it that much sweeter. More gamers need to experience this title and see how “it was back in the day” with modern graphics and sound.

Cuphead has just passed two million copies sold across the Xbox and Windows platforms. That is 2,000,000 copies. That is A LOT of fans enjoying Cuphead. What other games that did not have major publishers behind them reach this milestone? Not many.

For those that have somehow missed out on Cuphead, my review is available here. For those that are not interested in reading a long review, just suffice to say this:

If you are a fan of old school, retro, games and miss the “good old days” then you owe it to yourself to put your money where your mouth is and support Cuphead. It is the closest we are going to get to “old school” for the foreseeable future. There simply is nothing that compares to Cuphead on the horizon on any platform.

The artwork and animation of Cuphead are reminiscent of classic cartoons from the early days of cinema. That is a good thing because until recently, I don’t think this style could have been handled this well. Sure, Sony Imagesoft tried it with Mickey Mania back in the 16-Bit days but it was different. The idea, the intent, was there with that classic cross platform title but it just fell short of the goal as far as animation and music went.

Congratulations to the team behind Cuphead. The sales figures don’t lie. That is clearly fans putting money on the barrel head and calling Cuphead their game, one purchase at a time. Thank you.

Source: Studio MDHR website

Carl Williams

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