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Three Famicom Disc System Games See English Fan Translations Released

Nintendo Famicom Disc System

The Nintendo Famicom Disc System is an oddity that we never got here in North America. For the most part, we got the cream of the crop as far as games released for this add-on but there are still some interesting games that were Japan only releases. Three of those Japan only releases are now available in English thanks to dedicated fans. Thankfully there are NES emulators that offer Famicom Disc System emulation as well.

First up we have Breeder by Soft Pro, originally released in 1986. This is rather simple strategy game where you create robots and pit two of them at a time against each other in an arena. There are a lot of options when building your robot available to you, and this is where the strategy comes in. Grab the patch file from and an original copy from eBay.

Breeder Famicom Disc System

Next, we have Knight Lore: Majou no Ookami Otoko by Jaleco, originally released in 1986 as well. Here we have a bit more “meat” of a game versus Breeder. Knight Lore gives gamers a 45-degree slanted view of the action, involves tons of random rooms, enemies to vanquish, and an evil wizard that just wants your head. How bad can that be? Grab the patch file from and an original copy from eBay.

Knight Lore Famicom Disc System

Finally, we have a licensed, modified slightly, version of Super Mario Bros called All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros, again released in 1986. This is basically the Super Mario Bros game that we know and love but now featuring some slight edits to the backgrounds (it is apparently night time all the time) and the enemies that you will face. Grab the patch file from and an original copy off of eBay.

All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros

There you go, a three for one special of new games that English speaking/reading gamers can now enjoy. Knight Lore was released on a TON of platforms (ZX Spectrum, MSX, etc) so you probably have played it already – at least if you are a well versed retro gamer. Most reading this have already played Super Mario Bros to death so the edits for All Night Nippon may not be enough to revisit that one. Breeders, while simple in concept seems like it could be hiding a lot of strategy so may be worth a shot.

Carl Williams

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