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The Top Retro Games that Bring People Together

Super Mario Kart Super Nintendo

Video games are a social experience. Either through playing with people or chatting to them about games, it’s a widespread hobby with thousands of different niches and nuances, including retro gaming! But some games still reign higher than others: a great example would be comparing Blizzard’s World of Warcraft, which has brought millions of players to work and fight together towards a goal, to The Witcher, which is an incredibly popular but nevertheless still a single-player game. But, which other games from years past have created the biggest communities and brought the most people together?

Super Mario Kart

A great one to kick off the list is Mario Kart. Super Mario Kart was first released less than a year after the Super Nintendo was launched in 1990, and achieved incredible success. It was a ground-breaking concept set aside from competitors due to its heavy use of the SNES’s mode-7 capabilities, creating immersive, almost-3D graphics. This game was one of many that spawned a great multiplayer franchise that is enjoyed by kids, university students and grandparents alike, as it’s so easy to grab a couple of controllers and jump straight into the action.Street Fighter II Turbo
Street Fighter via Facebook

Street Fighter II Turbo

This fighter is a solid and satisfying game, it holds up well compared to modern titles and it stood at the top of the easy-to-play but hard-to-master fighter genre for a significant period. Just like Mario Kart, it’s incredibly easy to pick up some controllers and button mash your way to victory amidst many cries of frustration and laughter.

Resident Evil & Castlevania

Although the Witcher 3 isn’t multiplayer, it has one amazing fanbase. The same goes for older game franchises such as Resident Evil (RE) or Castlevania. Resident Evil itself features over 20 games, while Castlevania has many top ten lists dedicated to discussing which games are the best.  Indeed, the latter still continues to be influential today, inspiring modern titles such as Ori and the Blind Forest and Guacamelee! and even thematic casino slots such as Immortal Romance, a five-reel casino slot title with vampiric iconography.

Other franchises too, like Warcraft, Warhammer (40k and Fantasy), Wolfenstein and more, have been running for years and years. In a busy crowd, you’ll always be able to find a fan of one of these franchises and strike up a conversation, ranging from the games themselves to the wider material surrounding them, like books and films.

Pokemon Go
Pokemon via Twitter


One of the biggest franchises that has brought people together to play and discuss for over two decades years is that of Pokémon. The first Pokémon games were released on the Nintendo Game Boy system in Japan on February 27, 1996. These first games were a huge success, not only could you collect and develop your own Pocket Monsters, but you could battle other peoples’, and scour the in-game world for the rarest ones so you could show off to your friends. The game was followed up by its second generation in 2000, Pokémon Silver and Gold, which is widely considered to be the best generation. Pokemon has remained a staple ever since with a long-running TV show, manga, card game, tens of films and various other merch, that all place it as one of the most popular franchises of all time.

Games always bring people together, but it is these gems mentioned that sit warmly in the hearts of many. There are hundreds more games that deserve to be mentioned just as much as these, so go and investigate further. Otherwise, these games have aged well, so it’s never too late to pick them up and play!

Carl Williams

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