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Little Medusa Brings More Greek Mythology to the Nintendo Entertainment System

Little Medusa Mega Cat Studios Nintendo Entertainment System

When you think of the Nintendo Entertainment System you probably don’t think of games based in Greek mythology that much. Where there are not a ton of them, there are a few that were released long before Sony discovered the power of God of War on the Playstation 2. Battle of Olympus is one title that gave fans a taste of the Greek life and now we have Little Medusa coming to give fans a taste of life from the other side of mortality. What is interesting about this independent release is the basis of the game – we are not talking about a 2D side scrolling action adventure. No, we are talking about what I feel is a better option for the game engine.

You control a Greek goddess, Artemiza, who has fallen on the bad side of a fellow goddess. Transformed into a Gorgon, Artemiza must make the best of a tough situation now that she has snakes for hair and a goddess to get revenge on. Artemiza uses her newfound snake hair style to turn enemies into stone, solve puzzles and beat enemies as she traverses Mount Olympus. Revenge will be hers.

To make matters worse, this fellow goddess has released the Titans in her bid to eventually take Mount Olympus as her own. Talk about someone to keep an eye on in your ranks. This goddess takes the cake.

  • Little Medusawas developed from the ground up for the Nintendo Entertainment System- it comes on a cartridge!
  • Five worlds full of puzzles to solve and monsters to petrify.
  • An exciting story inspired by Greek mythology
  • Over 20 achievements to unlock.
  • Beat the game fast enough and you’ll uncover a secret 6th world.
  • A rock-solid challenge.
  • A wide assortment of enemies to face, including the legendary Titans!

Calling on Irem’s classic Kickle Cubicle title, Little Medusa’s Greek mythology setting stands out against what other independent developers are producing today.  Instead of turning your enemies into icicles and kicking them around the level, making bridges in gaps for instance, here you are turning them to stone. Once they are stone, they are used the same way as you would in Kickle Cubicle – kick them, make bridges, collide with enemies to remove them, etc.

Pre-order on the Mega Cat Studios website.

Source: YouTube and Universal Direction

Carl Williams

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