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Doom Mod Brings Modern Features to Classic FPS

Anyone that has been playing video games since the days of the original Doom know things have changed. A Lot. What was once common place, and free, is now locked behind a paywall of some sort. Expansion packs always cost, though there are some companies that gave those away as well. Up until we saw the Sims franchise take off it was not all that common to buy items then upload them into your game. Even with the original Doom game gamers could download mods for free, id Software was not attempting to stand in the way of fans modding and changing the game. Recently, a fan took the ZDoom mod and added a modern twist to the classic – a twist that is not at all welcome and will be cause for more than a little bit of alarm.

Loot boxes.

ZDoom user, Rip and Tear, created a mod for the game mod that added loot boxes to the original first-person shooter. Pretty much weapon drops, and pickups, are gone. Instead, they are replaced with loot crates that are, naturally, locked and require a key to unlock.

Where do you get the needed key?

By killing enemies, of course. These keys are sparsely dropped so don’t think you are going to get away with simply running around and killing enemies and end up with a collection of keys that make your high school janitor jealous. Nope. By sparsely dropped I mean, you are going to spend a lot of time looking for yet another enemy to kill, then praying they drop the needed key for that loot crate that has precious supplies in it.

Even the loot boxes are sparse in the levels – almost as rare as the storage boxes in a Resident Evil game. This means supplies are hard to come by. This causes the difficulty level to jump up somewhere around the stratosphere.

ZDoom Loot Crate

This mod adds a new option in the main menu called “Market”. As you can see in the pic above, prices are as follows:

$1.99 for one key
$5.99 for three keys (no discount)
$10.99 for five keys (most popular)
$18.99 for 10 keys (best value)

$1.99 for one crate
$5.99 for three crates
$11.99 for six crates (most popular)
$18.99 for ten crates (best value)

Now, before you start screaming about a classic being ruined, this is not real. I mean, the mod is real, you can download it and play it using ZDoom. The servers to make the payments though, those don’t work. Rip and Tear has apparently used a modern gaming annoyance as a method of increasing the difficulty to stupidly elevated levels.

You must give it to him. This mod has certainly gotten people talking more than just releasing a higher difficulty mod would have. It is a good marketing gimmick for his design choices.

Source: ZDoom forums

Carl Williams

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