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New Jaguar Game in the Works Called JagZombies

Atari Jaguar console

Do you know what you get when fans figure out how to make games for their favorite consoles? You get stuff that is unique, often quite different than what was released commercially. Take for instance JagZombies, a work in progress title for the Atari Jaguar console. This is a lightgun style game pitting you against a horde of zombies that are hellbent on ending your life. Armed with a gun, you must shoot the undead as they appear on screen or become their next meal.

The single area shown is a generic back alley that is quite detailed. It should be as the Jaguar can show a ton of colors at once on screen so there is no dithering or artifacts, or at least not as many as what fans experienced on the Sega CD. The zombies are another story though, they are nondescript and lacking in detail. This is a work in progress after all so the undead creatures we see in the video below are probably going to be improved upon as JagZombies goes through development.

The current build of JagZombies shows an aiming reticle onscreen which we all know is going to be inadequate in the heat of battle. For what it is though, we have to take what we can get so no fault here on the developer. I would love to see more progress on JagZombies as I am a huge fan of stuff like the House of the Dead franchise and Beast Busters by SNK (prior to the Neo Geo).

I am not familiar with the accessories released for the Atari Jaguar, at least not to the point where I can flat out state definitively what got released and what never was. With that said, does anyone know if a light gun accessory for the Atari Jaguar was ever released, or even in development?

Source: YouTube

Carl Williams

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4 Responses to “New Jaguar Game in the Works Called JagZombies”

  1. Michael Winn says:

    Wow, a computer game where you have to shoot zombies, what an original idea, how ever did they think of that!

  2. misfit says:

    the announcement tells that there will be light gun currently in development for that game. it will use the motion technology which allows to use it for every game the jaguar supports. planned is a bundled version (limited) with an exclusive gun including a transparent gun stand. later a cheaper gun version will be introduced and there will be a combined rotatory/motion controller as well.

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