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Double Dragon Receives Fan Treatment on Commodore Amiga

Double Dragon

The original Double Dragon game on Commodore Amiga was, well I will say it, pretty much trash. It almost appears to be a i game, but it comes off as a poor port all around. Much like what fans do, someone is remaking it as close to the arcade original as they can. Does the fan remake do more justice than the one that was done by paid programmers? Do you even have to ask that question?

First, let us look at the original version that was released for the Commodore Amiga (video below). I guess this was a Double Dragon game. There are facsimiles here and there that moan “Double Dragon” but nothing SCREAMS it. Just a bad port all around. While I never played it on the Commodore Amiga, it is clear from the available videos and images that the developers more than likely phoned this one in hoping for success based on fan interest of the time.

Now, the fan remake, the one made with no intent of making money. The version created just because someone enjoyed the game and wants the best version possible available for the Commodore Amiga computer. This version is still quite the work in progress but what a work in progress it is. Already well beyond what was commercially released years ago, this Commodore Amiga fan port is what fans should have gotten originally.

Fans have been reworking commercial games and coming up with better results for years. Sometimes it is an amazing piece of gaming and the IP owner takes a shine to the fan port – as we have seen with Sega. Sometimes the fan rendition does better justice than the commercial port (various Nintendo and Square Enix franchises saw this happen). This fan version of Double Dragon for the Commodore Amiga is one more entry if you are still a DD fan (me, I think it has been bested by many other titles).


Carl Williams

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