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Morphite Launches on Nintendo Switch Tomorrow

Morphite Android Crescent Moon Games

You know what rocks? Just about anything by Crescent Moon Games. This company has a proven track record of releasing some quality games and it appears that Morphite is no different. From 2-Bit Cowboy to Paper Monsters, if Crescent Moon Games made it, it probably rocks. The cool news here is that Morphite launches on the Nintendo Switch tomorrow.

Previously, I covered Morphite on both Gravis Ludus and here on Retro Gaming Magazine. I made the decision to move coverage over here due to the Metroid Prime feel that I got from watching the videos available. I still stand by that decision.

If you are just now discovering Morphite then you are in for a treat. The graphics are straight out of early 3D gaming with gouraud shading on polygons, super huge environments, and a great soundtrack to boot.

The weapons make a game like this as we all know. From grenade launchers to a grappling hook, you are going to well equipped for your battle in Morphite. Everything just looks unique compared to other games available in the last decade or so. Seriously, just check out the trailer above.

The action is first person based with huge, huge, environments. These are not your everyday simple levels either. You will encounter diverse creatures in your quest. This is going to be a wild ride so buckle up.

If No Man’s Sky left you wanting, well, action or adventure then you will probably LOVE Morphite. There seems to be action all around you and levels full of puzzles, creatures, and other interactive elements that will keep you busy.

I believe Nick will be back soon with a review on the Nintendo Switch so get ready for that. If you just cannot wait, grab your copy of Morphite tomorrow (November 2nd) on the Nintendo Switch, Android, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Steam, and the iTunes store and let us know what you think.


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