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New Senile Team Game Nears Half of Funding on Kickstarter

Intrepid Izzy for Sega Dreamcast, Windows, Steam, PlayStation 4

Senile Team, the creators of some of the more interesting releases for Sega Dreamcast and other platforms, are back with a new Kickstarter campaign. This crowdfunding project is for a 2D side scrolling action game that they are working on called Intrepid Izzy. For anyone that is tired of seeing scrolling shooters coming out for retro consoles this is a breath of fresh air. Considering it is Senile Team, I am quite confident in getting excited for Intrepid Izzy as their track record for releasing games is almost perfect (only that fantasy beast game is missing that they have announced, anyone remember it?). Intrepid Izzy looks quite good already and it is coming to Windows, PlayStation 4, and Sega Dreamcast (sorry Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, no word yet on your version).

Intrepid Izzy is a genre-defying 2D game with a unique HD art style. Seamlessly blending platforming with beat-’em-up and adventure elements, Intrepid Izzy offers a gaming experience that feels both unique and familiar.” Roel van Mastbergen

I must admit, after watching the video above, Intrepid Izzy is at least on par with 2D side scrolling action games we saw on the Dreamcast. This is not a copout development team using “8-Bit chunky crap” for the graphics – no, you are looking at some really well drawn sprites that have character and look awesome.

“A lot of time and attention was spent on developing the visual style of the game. The crisp and cartoony HD graphics come to life thanks to bright, warm colours and smooth animations.”

This is evidenced in the video above. Just look at it. The only reason we don’t see more games like this on the Sega Dreamcast, or other platforms really, is because developers don’t try. Too many developers fall back on the “8-Bit look” that is clearly a copout versus giving gamers some real tangibly awesome graphics and animation in their games. The only reason I can see justifying chunky graphics in newer games is if that new game is on an older platform like the Gameboy or Nintendo Entertainment System. Even then, there are developers coming out with games that push the graphics to the very edge of 8-Bit proving it can be done.

Okay, my personal rant over the “8-Bit look” crap is over.

Intrepid Izzy is simply put, an amazing looking new game for PC, PlayStation 4, and Sega Dreamcast.

Funding for Senile’s new game has just passed the halfway mark with about a week and a half left to meet their minimum. This is probably going to be close. If you are a retro gaming fan then get off your wallet and pledge. Kickstarter does not charge you immediately, only after the game has completed funding will you be charged (unlike IndieGoGo who charges you immediately).

Sega Dreamcast owners will be happy to know that Intrepid Izzy will have VGA support.

If you want more games like Intrepid Izzy, you must support the companies giving them to you.

Intrepid Izzy by Senile Team
Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, Sega Dreamcast
Genre: 2D Side Scrolling Action Adventure
Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.

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