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New Half-Life Total Conversion Released

Half-Life PC Windows

It is not all that often that we cover things like Total Conversions for games like Half-Life and Quake. When we do, you know it must be something special. While hackers placing Shrek in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is fun, it is not exactly a “newsworthy” ticket to write up. While fun, that hack requires A LOT from the fans that want to enjoy it (illegally downloading BIOS files and a copy of LoZ:BotW being  two). While we do cover hacks and such (such as Streets of Rage receiving new characters), these are at least no longer commercially available games. Half-Life has just received its latest Total Conversion called Caged (it does not feature Nicolas Cage though). The kicker is who created it.

Before we get too far into this new TC announcement, it will require a full copy of Half-Life to work. It is not a standalone release like Black Mesa is. How you get that copy is up to you but I can wholeheartedly recommend eBay or Amazon or Steam if you prefer instant gratification over physical copies.

Half-Life: Caged was released by Cayle George, a former Valve employee in the position of Senior Designer. It even features music from Lazerhawk.

What players can expect from Half-Life Caged is action that comes fast and heavy and fighting with a plunger. Yep. A toilet plunger. There doesn’t seem to be much of a story here (disclaimer, this is a news article, I have not yet downloaded and played it). That just means fast action and not much getting in the way.

No word on if this mod could work on the Sega Dreamcast version of Half-Life though (anyone got a copy and the skills to try?).

Head over to Steam to grab your copy of Half-Life: Caged and get to playing.

Carl Williams

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