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Final Fantasy IX PSOne Versus PlayStation 4 Comparison Video

Final Fantasy IX HD Remake for Playstation 4

When a new console arrives it is only natural for gamers to want more games. One of the quickest ways for developers to deliver new games is to offer remakes. For some fans this is great news, for others it is an annoyance. I personally like remakes if they are moderated a bit – release too many close together and you risk fans getting tired of them. Of course, if the remake is a high-profile game like Final Fantasy IX then it is welcome just about any time.

Recently I covered a video that showed off Shadow of the Colossus on PlayStation 2, 3 and 4. It has done quite well for us and I figure, why not go ahead and give our readers more. What better game to continue this type of coverage with than Final Fantasy IX. After Final Fantasy VII this was my main entry into the worlds that Square Enix had crafted. IX being my favorite by a large margin. FFIX was just so, in a word, awesome.

It is weird; the first thing that strikes me watching the comparison video is that Final Fantasy IX has aged well on the original PlayStation. This could be because so much power was freed up for the characters and such. This was accomplished by using as many pre-rendered backgrounds as possible. This allowed Square Enix programmers to put as much power of the PlayStation console as possible behind the polygonal characters that we controlled or interacted with.

Now the PlayStation 4 version. Unfortunately, this is not exactly an HD remake for the newest PlayStation console. Instead, this is a port of the PC version which was indeed an HD remake of Final Fantasy IX. Gamers that think they are getting a brand new, from the ground up, remake of Final Fantasy IX are getting gypped. There, I said it. This is not a new remake; just a port with not a lot of effort put in by Square Enix. Why? Because fans will lap it up and pay good money regardless.

If you don’t have a PlayStation 4 console don’t worry, you can simply buy Final Fantasy IX on Steam and get nearly the same experience – at least graphically and aurally. If you are a purist, grab Final Fantasy IX on eBay or Amazon (your purchase does help us bring more articles like this to you).

Carl Williams

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