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Outcast Second Contact Coming This Year

Outcast - Second Contact

If you remember the original Outcast then give yourself a pat on the back. A lot of gamers have forgotten that classic. Give yourself another pat on the back if you remember the graphical technique used in Outcast. Now, sit down and prepare yourself as the sequel is finally coming out. Outcast – Second Contact is coming later this year and it looks quite amazing.

The developers behind Outcast – Second Contact have done their homework and are bringing a lot of the best parts of other games to the new Outcast. As the name suggests, this is the “second contact” with other races, the first has not exactly gone over well and now it is time to remedy that. As with most things humans get involved with, violence is often the first resort. Just like those situations we find ourselves in, violence is not always the best answer to a problem you are facing.

Outcast – Second Contact uses portals that bear a striking resemblance to those used in Stargate (surely no connection). There is a bit of discussion with key characters in the game, sometimes diplomacy can work wonders where weapons fail miserably.

There will be puzzles to solve, enemies to avoid/destroy, aliens to save, etc. Outcast – Second Contact is a 3D graphically impressive game with many of the best parts of other games. There are creatures to ride, weapons to collect and figure out the best use of, armaments that can make you invisible among other things, and more.

Outcast – Second Contact is planned for a Fall 2017 release on Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 consoles. Will you take the plunge and traverse the dense alien worlds? The fate of many universes rests on your shoulders.

Outcast – Second Contact by BigBen Interactive
Platform: Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Genre: 3D action/adventure
Rated: 12+ by PEGI
Available: Fall 2017

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