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Unreleased Atari Jaguar Game Footage Found

Atari Jaguar console

The Atari Jaguar is one of those consoles that just won’t die as every decade or so, it is revived in one form or another. We have seen Atari’s attempt at launching the Jaguar and it failed. Then we saw the shell used as some form of dental equipment, and more recently we reported on the scam that was the RETRO Video Game System/Coleco Chameleon console. Maybe here on out the only Atari Jaguar news we will have is stuff like this, an unreleased Atari Jaguar game has surfaced, well, at least in video form. This is Conan by Arcade Zone for those wondering.

At the 1995 Winter Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas attendees were treated to a game by Arcade Zone called Conan. This is probably the only footage we are likely to see of this game in action. As of this writing, there are no ROM images available on the Internet and no one has come forward with mention of owning a prototype. Please, if you can, prove me wrong here as fans of the Jaguar love the console.

We do get a bit of information on what would have been had Conan been released. I remember seeing pics of Conan in magazines like Gamefan and Electronic Gaming Monthly back in the day but pics don’t do it justice. From the looks of Conan in the footage, this was not a typical brawler in the style of Final Fight or Streets of Rage.

While the basics appear to be there, there are also hints to things not in the classics. For one thing, huge pieces of scenery pan across in front of the camera (trees for instance). There appears to be more animation in the characters than in the 16-Bit brawlers also. Then there are the levels themselves. Pieces fall off and are flooded, maybe it was detrimental to your battle to be on one of those sections when it falls?

Conan looks to be an interesting brawler; too bad it was never released. Maybe our friends over at Piko Interactive can search this one out and get it finished and release it?

It has been brought to my attention that Piko Interactive have indeed done just what I proposed in the last sentence there. Check out Legend on Super Nintendo here. Still no word on release of the Jaguar version.

Source: Youtube

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