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Tombstones: Retirement Day Released for Commodore 64

Tombstones: Retirement Day, a new game for the Commodore 64, has been released as a free download. Developed by Megastyle, the game is a classic reaction style game set in the Wild West, where the player takes control of El Gringo, the fastest gunslinger in the West.

The plot concerns the hero, El Gringo, who is the infamous gunslinger. However, he is tired of killing and just wants to settle down with his true love. Unfortunately, his reputation will not let him retire peacefully, as outlaws come looking to be the next infamous gunslinger by killing the great El Gringo.

The player must gun down various outlaws across different stages: The Desert, the City, and the Graveyard. Each outlaw have their own capabilities, so will require different tactics to defeat them. Gameplay involves pressing the appropriate key for the relevant outlaw as they appear onscreen. Failure to shoot first will result in death, and pressing the wrong key will result in a fumble, and death.

Programmed by Docster with graphics and music by Rotterroy, the game was originally released on a special Mix-I-Disk, which is the coverdisk for the latest issue (10) of the fantastic Commodore 64 fanzine, Reset 64. Gamers who place their pre-orders should have their physical copies by now, but both zine and disk will also be available as a free download soon. According to Rotterroy, the game will also receive a limited run on cassette, which is currently under production.

In the meantime, the disk image (.d64) Tombstones can be downloaded for free from the Commodore Scene DataBase (CSDb).

Neil Reive

An avid retrogamer who has worked on various projects, magazines, and fanzines. He started his videogaming journey with the Amstrad CPC464 computer before moving onto a Commodore 64, then the Sega Mega Drive, followed by a multitude of PCs.

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