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Nintendo Finally Acquiesce to Demands

It seems that Nintendo have finally realised there may be profit in the Nintendo Classic Mini series. Many remember the supply and demand fiasco of the original and are anticipating such with the Super Nintendo Classic Mini, but it seems that it has come time for Nintendo to silence its critics.

They have just announced that they are putting the Nintendo Classic Mini back into production next year and that they have stepped up production of more units of the SNES Classic Mini edition in order to attempt to meet demands.

Okay, we will not see the Nintendo Classic Mini until Summer 2018, but it is at least addressing the market and trying to put to an end the large aftersales market of high priced resales. Let’s hope that the effort proves sufficient because Nintendo have not been having the most successful record as of late. Sales of the Switch, while started strong, seem to have become vaguely lukewarm and, to be honest, the less said about the Wii U is probably for the better.

Obviously, the whole production increase is a good move and hopefully it will pay off. Time will tell, but I think Nintendo do not want to generate another scammer market around Christmas time as it is not doing them much good for their reputation.

The Pre-order figures obviously prove there is definitely a demand for such a product so here is hoping they get this launch right. They have also admitted that they will also be re-releasing the Famicom model in Japan in Summer 2018 so it seems they really have realised the potential.

If all goes well then who knows what could be next on the horizon. Time to throw ideas of games up for the GameCube Mini anyone? Probably not…


When not trying to run old machines to their limits, I occasionally write articles. As a man who has spent too long around retro machines, I have managed to play or try virtually every retro machine out there. Also quite a miserable sod who is known for strong opinions.

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